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Patna: Almost 42% of children in Bihar are malnourished and 63.5% of children in the age group of 6 months to 5 years suffer from anemia, health minister Mangal Pandy said on Tuesday. Said in Bihar Parishad, Bihar. He added that 58% of pregnant women in the state are anemic.

Pandey answered questions from Parliamentary MLC Prem Chandra Mishra about malnutrition and anemia in children and women, and inadequate prenatal testing facilities for pregnant women.

Citing the National Family Health Survey 2015-16, the minister emphasized that 46% of children were malnourished, a decrease of 6% in 2019-20.

Given the disintegration of malnutrition problems, Pandy said in Bihar’s NFHS-5 that 42.9% of children, 22.9% thin, 8.8% extremely thin, 41% underweight, 2.4% obese. He said there was stunting between them.

Mr Pandy said the problem was undeniable, but the Department of Health has taken steps such as sending “tablets and syrups.” He further stated that he had established “Poshan Punarvas Kendra” under the national health mission of 38 districts and three medical colleges and hospitals to reduce the problems caused by malnutrition.

“Even at the community level, Asya workers consult with pregnant and lactating mothers and their families,” said Pandy, who will see 1.22 Chlore children’s health examinations by December 2019-20. Was held and I received a medical certificate.

The Minister of Health further said that the state government provided 180 tablets 6 months before childbirth and 180 tablets after childbirth to combat anemia in pregnant women. He added that 74% of pregnant women in Bihar were offered folic acid pills to combat anemia.

In another question raised by MLC Rambali Singh regarding the vacancy of state doctors and nursing staff, Pandy said that in Bihar there are 3,706 specialist posts and 2,632 general practitioner posts, for a total of vacant doctors. Said there was. Up to 6338.

The minister said the request to fill these posts was sent to the Bihar Technical Services Commission (BTSC) through the General Affairs Department. He said the BTSC sent a recommendation for 5,097 of the 9,130 ​​free posts of Grade A nurses.

RJD MLC Ram Chandra Purbe has raised a shortage of medicines and surgical instruments at Janaushadhi Kendra. He cited the example of Lok Nayak Jaiprakash Narain Super Specialty Hospital and stated that he had been deficient in vitamin D and calcium tablets for the past three months. The minister replied that the drug was provided to these Janas Hadikendra by the center through the business office of the pharmaceutical public sector. He said the state government wrote a letter to the center on December 14th to address the drug shortage.

JD (U) MLC Sanjeev Shyam Singh has raised the issue of land issues related to BIADA. Industry Minister Saddam Hussein said that anyone who acquired BIADA’s land but did not use it for industrial purposes would be taken action against them. He also said that the industrial sector is working on industrial development in all districts, aiming for one product in one district.

Minister of Health, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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