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New Delhi: Delhi has reported 1,091 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours. This is one of a total of 83,289 tests performed, including 37,288 RT-PCR tests with a positive rate of 1.3%.
The capital recorded 26 deaths on Sunday, the lowest in 67 days. It was also the sixth consecutive day that the positive rate fell below 2%. The positive rate in Delhi has been below 5% since December 2, but mortality is a concern, but that figure is also high when compared to the high case fatality seen at the peak of the third wave of Covid-19. It is declining. last month.

The last time Delhi witnessed a low number of new Covid-19 cases was on August 24, when 1,061 of the only 11,910 tests performed on Sunday were recorded.

The total number of Covid-19-positive cases reached 6,17,005 on Sunday, with 1,275 patients recovering from illness in the last 24 hours, with a total recovery of 5,96,580 and a recovery rate of 96.6%. ..

The number of active cases on Sunday was 10,148, of which most patients (5,907) recovered in home quarantine, with 2,997 hospitalized, with the exception of 118 at Covid Care Center and 35 at Covid Health Center. I will. A total of 15,773 Covid beds are vacant in the hospital, 7,398 in the Covid Care Center and 527 in the Health Center. According to Delhi Corona’s request, 815 of the 1,522 Covid-19 ICU beds with ventilator are available, and of the 3,578 2,842 ICU beds without ventilator are available. ..
In fact, the number of active cases on Sunday was less than a quarter of the 40,936 active cases since November 20, a month ago. This represents a daily decline of over 1,000 cases on average over the last 30 days. The 75.2% decrease in active cases over the last 30 days is due to a decrease in the number of people tested positive, while an increase in the number of patients recovering from the disease.

The number of new cases has declined since 20 November, with few exceptions. Every day, more people recover from Covid-19 than those who test positive. This is the last 30 days.

Apart from aggressive testing and increased contract tracking, another strategy of the Delhi government that helped reduce numbers is to create micro-containment zones where less than three people test positive, if necessary. ..

This explains why the positive rate dropped from 10.6% to 1.3% and new cases dropped from 6,608 to 1,091 except for the decline in active cases. However, the number of containment zones increased from 4,560 on November 20th to 5,943 on Sunday. Minimum 1-day case total in 118 days

Minimum daily case count in 118 days, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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