Michael Schumacher is no longer bedridden

According to a press release, Michael Schumacher, the legend of Formula 1 in Germany is no longer bedridden and will be transferred to a clinic in Dallas, Texas for the treatment of brain damage.

Due to a terrible ski accident, F1 legend Michael Schumacher was bedridden in 2013. Since then, he has been closely cared for by his family and friends. After years of worries, the good news finally came to fans of iconic F1 drivers. Schumacher is reported to have “not survived bedridden or tubes.” Instead, Mercedes, Ferrari and Benetton drivers were transferred to a clinic in Dallas, Texas for the treatment of brain injuries. January 3, 2019 is Michael’s 50th birthday.

Michael Schumacher was seriously injured while skiing with his son in the French Alps and hit his head against a rock. If he hadn’t worn a helmet, he might have been dead at that time. The F1 driver was very secretive about his private life. It partially explains why his family did not reveal much about his condition after the accident.

Michael Schumacher Skiing With his son

After the accident, Michael underwent two surgeries at Grenoble University Hospital. After staying there for five months, he was transferred to a university hospital in Lausanne and then to his home in a gland near Lake Geneva, Switzerland. World champions are believed to have been transferred to Dallas to treat brain injuries. The Schumacher family owns land in Texas, so it makes sense for his family to be there for the convenience of his recovery.

Michael Schumacher Bedridden

He had two surgeries before he fell into a coma

German archbishop Georg Gunswayne, a close friend of the family, said Michael Schumacher “feels that his loved ones are around him.” This is one of the motivations for him to make such a quick recovery. When visiting Michael’s house in 2016, Georg Ganswein noticed that despite his slightly bulging face, F1 drivers looked almost the same as when he was last commonly seen.

The good news for F1 champions is that his son Mick Schumacher won the F2 title at Prema Racing in 2018, debuted in F2 in 2019, and is on the road to becoming a professional F1 driver. That is. The Formula 1 legend has experienced a narrow escape. I hope he will recover completely soon and return to the race in the near future.

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Michael Schumacher is no longer bedridden

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