Mexico sees fake molnupiravir a week after the drug is approved

Mexico City: Mexico saw a black market or fake Molnupiravir for sale on Friday, just a week after authorities approved a drug to treat people at risk for severe COVID-19. He said he had already seen it.

The actual drug is manufactured by the US pharmaceutical company Merck. However, Mexican health regulators have found a version labeled Molnupiravir for sale by a range of companies such as Merit, Moraz, and Azista.

Authorities said Friday that there were no records of licenses to import or sell these companies’ medicines and believe they pose a health risk.

The Federal Health Protection Commission writes that because molnupiravir is only approved for the use of prescription drugs, products advertised as molnupiravir on the market should be considered a health risk due to their questionable origin. ..

Last week, the Mexican government approved Merck’s Molnupiravir for COVID-19 in adults at high risk of complications. On Friday, the agency approved Paxlovid, a second tablet from Pfizer, for use in adult patients at risk of complications.

Mexico has long been plagued by counterfeit medicines, corruption within regulatory agencies, and a tendency for self-medication due to the country’s inadequate medical infrastructure.

In this country, apparently due to Omicron variants, coronavirus cases surged by more than 200% last week and are under-tested, tending to drive consumers to the black market.

Mexico has rarely tested, so only about 300,000 deaths from COVID-19 have been confirmed in the test, but a government review of death certificates shows that the actual number of deaths is about 460,000. ..

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Mexico sees fake molnupiravir a week after the drug is approved

Source link Mexico sees fake molnupiravir a week after the drug is approved

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