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I love my job and feel guilty that I can’t always handle it. I have mixed emotions. I’m exhausted and feel ambush. Is this really happening? A little young woman, Radika Bappat, sighed and her thoughts shook restlessly.

At other times, these are the questions she would have answered to help others fight their anxieties and fears. But for the first time in her career, clinical psychologist Bapat realized that she was experiencing the same emotions as they were.

One of the most difficult parts of being a demanding therapist during a pandemic was the parallel experience of helping so many clients to deal with the crisis they experienced. Bappat says her case load was manageable last year. “People were dealing with shocks and threats, but they were more careful and responsible. This year they are mainly dealing with panic and sadness.” By March of this year, Bappat had become his client and I could hardly fight the urge to move the client away or end the treatment.

Border blurring was also sacrificed. Remote psychiatry has become a new norm for pandemics after the central government first allowed people to access treatment from home last year. In February, the Indian Telemedicine Association recorded an increase of about 302% in online mental health consultations.

Psychotherapist Syeda Ruksheda explained how she was thin. “I worked seven days a week and tried to attend as many consultations as I could. I was doing webins during my vacation. After that, a celebrity committed suicide. Thinking, we felt we were fighting another fight. In the second wave, many of my patients are positive and I am a doctor, so every day someone asks for bed or oxygen help. Dealing with our own household affairs, caring for our children, and trying to be there for our patients has come at a great cost to some of us, “says Luxeda.

Kedar Tiwale, a consultant psychiatrist at Fortis’ hospital network, said the “buddy system” that was taught during mental health training and had potential mentors or colleagues to make a pandemic profit. It states that it is. “Many healthcare professionals want open, one-on-one discussions across states,” he says. Last month, Bapat decided to gamify an initiative to support pragmatic psychologists by dedicating Tuesday to help fellow therapists “vent.”

Mental Health Experts Fight Anxiety, Fatigue, Health News, ET Health World

Source link Mental Health Experts Fight Anxiety, Fatigue, Health News, ET Health World

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