Meghalaya Taxi Driver Son Top Commerce Exam

Poverty is not a deterrent for intellectual students, and diligence is the most important key to success.

With this as our motto, Debraj Nag, the son of a local taxi driver, has overcome all hurdles and won the top spot on the High School Dropout Certificate (HSSLC) commercial transaction exam.

Debraj studies in single-room rental accommodation and dreams of succeeding as a certified accountant. The saying, “No one has achieved greatness without dreams,” is well known.

Laban Bengalee Boys’ School’s Nag scored the highest in the commerce stream and topped the list with 474 points.

“This result is due to the efforts of my parents and my teacher,” Debrazi said.

Debraji’s father, Debulal Nag, has been driving a taxi for the past 22 years. Debral, a resident of Shera, came to Shillong 22 years ago to earn a living. Since then, he has been driving a taxi in the city of Shillong. No matter how strange the situation, Debutal is driving a taxi to help his son’s education.

The COVID 19 pandemic has crippled the lives of many taxi drivers in Shillong, including the debut.

The blockade was especially difficult for families who couldn’t get in the car for months with Debulal Nag. “I still only ply 20% of my vehicle, I can only ply once a week, and I can run my family with what I earn,” says Debulal.

Debdural drives a taxi once a week, travels 9-10 times a day and earns 800-900 rupees. But the money he earned is not enough for his family to survive.

With that small income, Debral finds it difficult to support the education of his son, as the school authorities of Laban Bengalley Boys High School play a greater role in his life.

Getting enough tuition for Debraj is not so easy. His father has to pay 5,000 rupees for a one-room rental house in Shillong.

However, Young Debrazi shares his father’s responsibilities and dreams of succeeding as a certified accountant.

“I want to do something for my parents, but now I want to be a certified accountant,” Debrazi said.

Coupled with financial difficulties, the pandemic caused even more difficulty, and Debrazi said online classes were initially a major challenge. “But I was able to manage it slowly,” he added.

However, parents are still uncertain about how they can provide higher education, but are optimistic that they will be able to raise some form of funding. “I am very pleased with my son’s achievements,” said Debrazi’s mother, Bijoirakshmi Nag.

Debraj also thanked the school teachers for their continued support.

Meanwhile, Deputy Principal of Jona Goswami said Debraj’s tuition was exempted by the school and copies of books and exercises were provided by teachers given the financial background of his family.

“Many of our school students come from a humble financial background and the school takes care of them,” Goswami said, Debrazi is an excellent student, and his tuition and books are Provided by the school and teachers.

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Meghalaya Taxi Driver Son Top Commerce Exam

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