Meet the MBA Chai Wala Prafull Billore

Following your ambitions is the first step towards your success. Rather than being disappointed by the repeated failures of the CAT exam, Praful Virole decided to accept the setbacks as an inspiration to create something meaningful from the MBA’s ambitions.

Every year, many applicants take MBA entrance exams such as CAT, XAT, and MAT. They want to open up new markets and corporate development in Top IIM.

After failing to pass the Common Admission Test (CAT) despite three years of preparation, Prafull Billore, the son of a farmer in the village of Lavlavda, Madhya Pradesh, instead founded a chai shop to become an entrepreneur. I decided to follow his ambition.

The 22-year-old is currently a chlorepati of his brand in 22 locations nationwide and will soon open an international location. He finished 2020 with annual sales of over 3 crawls.

He was crushed when Praful failed to pass the CAT on his third attempt. However, he left it to his own power and jumped to the top.

Praful went to the city in search of work, contrary to his father’s advice to get an MBA for a “safe” future. He went to work at a McDonald’s restaurant.

After a few months of employment, the boy started selling tea in addition to his work. He asked his father for a loan of 10,000 rupees for “education,” but instead bought tea equipment. He started selling tea from carts outside the dream college, IIM Ahmedabad.

Praful borrowed an additional 50,000 rupees from his family to enroll in a local university and earned an MBA, but eventually realized that doing business could do more than studying. On the seventh day of college, he quit and expanded the teahouse by networking with IIM students and employees.

His teahouse was quickly demolished by local officials, forcing him to rent a small area outside the hospital to install a new one. Biroa Ahmedabad was the original name of the store, but many of his visitors couldn’t say it correctly, so he changed it to MBA Chaiwala.

The MBA also served as a metaphor for his ideal degree, and he has sold tea by that name. He continued to introduce new techniques with new setups. For example, we placed a whiteboard near the tea stall so that people could reach out to job seekers and employees.

“Whatever you do it completely honestly and with effort and success will continue. If you are a shoemaker, you are the best shoemaker there, and if you sell tea, that is the best. What Do your best, if you do, “Praffle said in one of his motivational speeches on YouTube.

Meet the MBA Chai Wala Prafull Billore

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