MCD, Delhi Government Teachers Need to Allow Students to Make a Smooth Transition to Class 6: Sisodia

New Delhi: On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Manish Sisodia needs to strengthen cooperation between local government and Delhi government teachers to ensure a smooth transition of class 6 students from MCD schools to city-run schools. Said.

Each year, approximately Rs. 17,000 students from municipal schools join the students in class 6 run by the Government of Delhi.


Voting was successful

According to Sisodia’s, only 76% of children enrolled in class 6 of public schools in Delhi were able to attend semi-online classes.

He chaired a meeting with the mayors of companies in northern, southern and eastern Delhi for the smooth integration of students attending Class 6 from MCD Feeder School to DoE School.

“We need the correct contact information for students enrolling from municipal schools to Delhi public schools so that class 6 teachers can reach them quickly,” said Sisodia, pointing out areas of need for improvement in student migration. Said.

At the start of last year’s session, only about 30-35 percent of students’ phone numbers were correct.

“As a result, many students were unable to attend from the beginning and were unable to obtain worksheets or attend semi-online classes.

“Teachers at Delhi Public School made special efforts to find the whereabouts of these children, but in the end only 76 of the children enrolled in Class 6 at Delhi Public School could be reached. To prevent the same situation from repeating this year, DoE officials said MCD to devise a plan for Class 5 teachers at Feeder MCD School to partner with Class 6 teachers at Delhi Public School. ”

Sisodia, also Minister of Education in Delhi, said students and teachers face many mental and physical challenges due to the COVID crisis and school closures.

“Students migrating from MCD to DoE School need to receive emotional and learning support from their teachers, just like students in other classes of DoE School. MCD School Teachers and DoE School Teachers Collaborate. You can get the right grades by working with. Strengthen the contact details of such students and the bond between the teacher and the student.

“Class 5 MCD teachers need to meet class 6 teachers at Delhi Public School and both call students together by phone. If the phone number is incorrect, the MCD teacher will return to school. Other students and their contacts will get updated contact details, which will save the time and effort of the corresponding students at DoE School, “he added. ..

Similarly, MCD teachers can share contact details as well as students in special circumstances, including but not limited to parental death, emotional support requirements, medical history, etc. I will. This will help DoE schools better support you. These students and ministers emphasized.

During the meeting, it was also decided to host a joint Parent-Teacher Conference (PTM) for students attending sixth grade this year.

“This will be a special PTM according to the COVID protocol that MCD and DoE teachers will meet with their parents in July,” Sisodia said.

MCD, Delhi Government Teachers Need to Allow Students to Make a Smooth Transition to Class 6: Sisodia

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