Mayawati vows to ensure SP defeat and suspends seven rebel MLA

Mayawati, the highest party of the Bahujan Samaj Party, launched an attack on the Samajwadi Party on Thursday, the day after seven MLAs rebelled against BSP’s candidate Rajasaba and met SP chief Achilleshyadaf. The BSP chief accused the Yadav party of “revealing its true anti-Dalit face” and announced an immediate suspension of the MLA.

“SP and their people tried to kill me in 1995, but I was saved because of the blessing of the weak section. Then they fought and kidnapped BSP MLA to save the government. Government Finally collapsed because of the hooligans. Even after this unforgettable incident, they decided to form an alliance with them in the 2019 general election to defeat the joint forces, “Mayawati said. He spoke at a press conference.

The BSP chief, who ran for the Samajwadi Party, continued: “But due to family conflict, they suffered losses in the elections, after which the BSP decided to act alone. After the 2019 alliance, our party fought the Lok Sabha elections with all their might. But from day one, the SP Chief had instructed Satish Chandra Mishra to regain the June 2 incident. Election results and SP attitude, we regret doing that. There is no partnership with them. “

“SPs have always shown anti-Dalit attitudes and were keen to withdraw the proceedings rather than fighting elections. Yesterday (Wednesday), they again colluded to thwart BSP candidates and faced true anti-Dalits. But unsuccessful, the BSP formed an alliance with the BJP and began claiming to have won the large Yasaba poll. UP Prime Minister.

The BSP chief said Ram Gopal Yadav submitted the nomination when the UP was notified of the Rajya Sabha election. “Mishra said the SP seems to have elected only one candidate, so the candidate also needs to be elected, or some large companies will indulge in MLA horse trading. Probably, Mishra had called Achilles Yadaf before defending the candidate, but couldn’t answer. Then his private secretary was called and he was told to talk. I answered, but it didn’t happen, “she said.

“Then Mishra called Lamb Gopal Yadaf and asked him if they wanted to defend another candidate, the latter saying that the SP would defend only one candidate. In addition, Mishra In such cases, the BSP informed him that the BSP would support one of the candidates, and if not, the BJP would support the candidate. Then, Lambsey Gautam was elected as a candidate for Rajya Saba. I decided to do it, “added Mayawati.

She said. “But like Congress, SPs showed their anti-Dalit spirit and tricked us. Even after saying they wouldn’t give up candidates, they recommended independent candidate files on the final day. On the day of scrutiny, the SP forced our MLA to submit a false affidavit stating that they did not sign the nomination documents. Eventually their allegations turned out to be false and The nomination of BSP candidates turned out to be valid. “

Mayawati said the attack was sharp and the BSP is now looking to defeat the Samajwadi Party, even if it needs to “stand by the BJP.” “With the help of funding, the SP tried to dismantle the seven MLAs. Now angry at the cancellation of the candidate’s nomination, they claim that the BSP is working with the BJP. Today, the BSP wants to announce that during the upcoming MLC elections, the SP will take revenge in the same way that it tried to betray us. The MLA must vote for BJP and other candidates. Even if it doesn’t, we’ll do our best to beat the SP candidates, “she said.

“In 2003, when I left the government, SP tried to defeat 38 MLAs in BSP and would like to tell the SP Chief that they were on their side. They were voted in the 2007 election and BSP The father did this wrong thing after he came to power. Now he is doing the same thing in his footsteps, and he will follow the same fate as his father, “said the angry BSP. Said the chief.

Mayawati has issued a proceeding against the MLA of seven rebels, stating: “They are punished for working against the party and are immediately suspended. Also, party postholders should not call these MLAs in any of the party’s programs and as soon as they join another party. , You are instructed to revoke your membership under the Anti-Defective Act. “

“In the future, these seven MLAs will never be allowed to compete from the BSP. People in their community will fight against them in the future. The Islamic community will continue to fight at the BSP in the future. You’ll get enough representatives. The anti-Dalit faces of the SP are now in front of the people. It’s good that their true faces are publicly available prior to the 2022 state legislature poll. SP has always betrayed BSP, “she concludes.

Earlier Wednesday, five BSP MLAs alleged that the signature was forged on the nomination document submitted by BSP Rajya Sabha candidate Ramji Gautam. Then two more MLAs, along with these five rebel MLAs, went to see Akhilesh Yadav at the SP headquarters in Lucknow.

These MLAs include Aslam Ali, Aslam Rainee, Mujtaba Siddiqui, Hakim Lal Bind, Hargobind Bhargav, Sushma Patel and Vandana Singh.

Mayawati vows to ensure SP defeat and suspends seven rebel MLA

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