“Masterminds” MS Doni and Virat Kohli make a wonder for India at the T20 World Cup: MSK Prasad | Cricket News

New Delhi: Former chairman of Selector MSK Prasad feels that Mahendra Sindoni, who participated as a mentor for the Indian team at the T20 World Cup, will strengthen the Indian team and give a big boost to Virat Kohli, who is aiming for a maiden. ICC trophy.
India’s representative Prasad with six tests and 17 ODIs also said he would miss T20I star spinner Yuzu Bendra Chahar, who has not participated in the mega tournament. Chahar, India’s tallest wicket taker (63 wickets in 49 games) in the shortest form of the game, has not been selected for the announced team competition. Some changes may still remain on the card and the deadline for the team to be submitted to the ICC is October 15th.
The T20 World Cup will be held in the UAE from October 17th, and Oman and India will launch a campaign with rival Pakistan on October 24th at Dubai International Stadium. The Super 12 round will start on October 23rd. We caught up with MSK Prasad and talked about team selection, the dropout of Chahar and Sikar Dawan, the Ashwin-Jadeya pair reunited at Limited Over Cricket, and the mentor Doni.
Your views on the announced World T20 team in India …
Given the number of games in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, we feel that there is a shortage of one fast bowler. These pitches are useful for faster bowling than spinners. Putting five spinners in a team is a bit higher. You rarely play one or two spinners on these tracks. I think there must have been another seamer on the team. Hardik Pandya also didn’t bowl in the second half of the IPL game.
With the addition of Rahul Chahar to Yuzvendra Chahal, many eyebrows have emerged. Your view on it …
Yes, it’s a little disappointing that Chahar is missing from this T20 team. At the time of selection, the selector prioritized the form over the selection. (Raffle) Chahar was considered more than Chahar because of his shape. There is no doubt that Chahal was one of our best T20 bowlers and took more wickets in the T20I format than anyone else. It’s a real shame he missed the World Cup team. We will definitely miss the service of Chahars.

Rahul Chahar and Yuzvendra Chahal (Photo courtesy of BCCI)
Not only Chahar but also the dropout of Shikhar Dhawan became a hot topic …
I’m not sure why. I can’t say he was absent. But he is a very good player in ICC tournaments. He has won quite a few runs at ICC events. He was always astounding. One person I find (bad) is Shikhar Dhawan. It’s a little disappointing that Shikhar missed, especially at the ICC tournament, as the formidable pair he formed with Rohit Sharma was staggering.
The Ravindra Jadeja and R Ashwin pair is back in Limited Overs Cricket. Ashwin hasn’t played Limited Overs Cricket for a long time. His experience should benefit the Indian team at T20WC …
Washington Sundal has been the preferred off-spinner of choice for T20 cricket for the past few years. And he was groomed for that. He was preparing for the slot. The selector relies on experience because he isn’t there. Ashwin has been very strong in the last two seasons of the IPL. This was the biggest reason he was able to persuade Selector. Ashwin comes in handy for left-handers.

File photo: Ravindra Jadeja and RAshwin (AFP photo)
MS Dhoni Appointed as mentor for the Indian team at the T20 World Cup. In your opinion, how does the team benefit from Doni?
They (BCCI) did a good job. I respect the decisions of the Selector, BCCI Administrators, and Indian Team. This is a huge and excellent step to make Doni a mentor for the Indian team. Making MSD a mentor was a collective decision. Whether you’ve played over 200 IPL games, led India to the glory of the 2007 World T20, or led India to the 2011 World Cup victory, that’s a great decision. I respect this decision and am very pleased. They wouldn’t have been able to choose a better mentor than Doni.

MS Dhoni, Ravi Shastry And Virat Kohli (AFP Photo)
It’s a great decision made by BCCI. Virat has always been a good match for Dhoni and Ravi (Shastri). Together, Doni and Chastri will be a great tournament for Virat. Virat has played a lot of cricket under MSD. He has done a great job with Shastri as a coach. The Indian team, who reached the World Test Championship final and defeated Australia twice in Australia, did great things under Ravi’s coaching and Virat’s captain. They (the Indian team) have dominated cricket. Doni is the mastermind and he strengthens the Indian team. His addition as a mentor adds value to the team and boosts Captain Virat.
MS Dhoni’s support is also essential for Virat Kohli, who is chasing the first ICC trophy as a captain …
What happens behind the door is very important. Strategy, homework, discussion and planning are done in the same way as in class. Therefore, having someone like MSD part of that homework and strategy will certainly add value and strengthen the team even more. As I said, he is the mastermind. He and Virat do amazing things for India at World T20.

MSDhoni and Virat Kohli (BCCI photo)
Doni has dealt with many such situations and many such games in his career, not only for the country but also for CSK. More importantly, Virat pays such respect to MSD. He worships him. Virat works well with Ravi and MSD, so things are great and well placed. Ravi, Virat, and MSD are a good combination for World T20.
India launches their campaign against Pakistan. Of course it will be a marquee clash, but overall, how would you rate India’s title opportunity at this T20 World Cup?
It all depends on the play of the 11 players they choose for the match. It’s really good that both SKY (Suryakumar Yadav) and Ishan Kishan have returned to their original state. That’s a good sign for us. We were worried about the appearance of these players. Bhuvi also performed well in the last few IPL games. I’m sure India will work.
Ravi Shastry’s term as head coach ends after the T20 World Cup. Your view on the potential of MS Dhoni to become an Indian coach in the future …
I think we should be Rahul Dravid and MS Dhoni in the future. Rahul as a coach and MS as a mentor. The Indian teams Doni and Raffle will be great things to watch out for in the post-Ravi Shastri era.

“Masterminds” MS Doni and Virat Kohli make a wonder for India at the T20 World Cup: MSK Prasad | Cricket News

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