Maruti Shares New Teaser-Baleno Hybrid or Wagon RElectric?

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Maruti Suzuki’s market share fell by more than 7.5% in January 2021

Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest car maker, has the potential to announce something exciting in the coming days. A teaser about the same thing has been posted on the Twitter handle. The poster doesn’t reveal much, except for the selection of graphics with a futuristic look and feel.

It shows a subtle but advanced electrical and electronic system.This indicates that Marty’s upcoming launch may be one of them. New hybrid powertrain For Baleno or fully electric vehicles.

Valeno hybrid

This is a strong candidate for Marty’s next launch, as a test mule equipped with strain gauge equipment was recently discovered in road tests. Baleno was able to get a new mild hybrid powertrain consisting of two electric motors.

They can be mounted on the rear wheel hub, which accelerates faster and improves torque transmission. As with today’s Valeno hybrid variants, the benefits of reduced emissions and improved fuel efficiency will continue to be offered to our customers.

Maruti shares new teaser
Maruti shares new teaser

Baleno may also get Powerful hybrid systemAs exhibited using the Swift hybrid at the 2020 Auto Expo. The powerful hybrid consisted of a 10kW electric motor capable of delivering 13.4hp of output and 30Nm of torque. The fuel efficiency of the powerful hybrid was fixed at 32kmpl. This is significantly higher than the 21.21kmpl of the current Swift petrol variant.

Wagon R Electric

A fully electric version of the Wagon R has been discovered several times during road testing. However, according to the latest reports, Marti is likely to have shelved the Wagon R Electric launch plan. The same reason was advertised as a “techno commercial feasibility issue”.

The Electric Wagon R had to use a significant number of imported parts, resulting in higher prices. This would have clashed with Maruti Suzuki’s core USP, a car maker known for its affordable products.

Fully electric cars would also have failed to mass produce in the Indian market. That may be another reason Marti abandoned the idea. Marti may be planning to enter the completely electrical space when the demand for such vehicles is high and the associated infrastructure is more robust and reliable.

Declining market share

Maruti Suzuki leads nearly half of the Indian car market but cannot be ignored Intensifying competition From new products. In January 2021, Marti’s market share fell tremendously by 7.59%. Other car makers continue to make best-selling products such as Venue, Seltos, Sonnet, Tar, Hector, Altros and Magnite, but Maruti Suzuki hasn’t seen a similar response. Not at least in the last few years.

Maruti is certainly enthusiastic, and the best-selling products of the past, such as Breza, are now lagging behind their new rivals. This can also happen with other cars in the company’s portfolio. To win the competition, it is imperative that Marty announce new products on a regular basis. It will be interesting to see what Maruti is preparing for its customers this year.

Maruti Shares New Teaser-Baleno Hybrid or Wagon RElectric?

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