Mahhi Vij-Jay Bhanushali responds to claims that foster children have “abandoned”

Friday’s television actress Mahhi Vij on her Instagram to share an open letter in response to criticism of her and her husband, Jay Bhanushali, that he was not the “perfect” foster parent of Kushi and Rajivia. I took the handle. They have often been criticized for their biased treatment of foster children compared to their biological child, Tara. And many times people insisted without evidence that the couple had abandoned their foster child.

So now, after staying silent for a while, Jay and Mahi finally reacted.

In a long Instagram note, while stating that Kushi and Rajibia are an integral part of their lives, Mahi explained why they moved home to live with their grandparents. “Many people ask, many assume, many write everything, it’s fair! Yes, we are parents, foster parents! Tara is our life as a beautiful blessing But that doesn’t change our feelings about Kushi and Rajivia, “she wrote.

“When Kushi entered our lives, we became parents, but some of us know that decisions and first rights rest with her father and mother. They I’ve always wanted my kids to spend some time in Mumbai, but eventually they’re back home with their extended family and grandparents, and it’s better than their parents to decide what’s good for them. I feel that no one is there. “

She said in a note that despite the children’s hometown, Jay and she would always be in contact with them via video calls and together celebrate special occasions such as Diwali and children’s birthdays. I did.

“So today, don’t to anyone who might wonder why you don’t see them with us, or who might feel we abandoned them! It afflicts us! , Hurt our children as they grow up. For all of us, our three children are equally loved, but despite living in their hometown, the two are still Valuable to us. Our video calls and frequent message exchanges keep us close to them, which is a decision that none of us have the right to interfere with, “she wrote.

She added, “Children will continue to have two homes in their lifetime, one in their hometown and one with us. Until Diwali and Kushi’s birthday. All festivals are celebrated together. Love remains the same and will always last. Only grow! “

In conclusion, Mahi sought blessings from her three children, hoping that all assumptions would finally be completely rested.

“We hope all your questions and assumptions are rested only once! Congratulate our children, they will be fine because that is all we want. Like. She made a conclusion.

Jay and Mahi took over the responsibility of becoming foster parents for Kushi and Rajibia in 2017. They were blessed with their daughter Tara in 2019.

Mahhi Vij-Jay Bhanushali responds to claims that foster children have “abandoned”

Source link Mahhi Vij-Jay Bhanushali responds to claims that foster children have “abandoned”

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