Look at her gorgeous pictures

Happy Birthday Sonari Bendre! She emerged as a fighter in the fight against metastatic cancer. Beautiful actresses are really inspiration for many. The actress who made her short golden lock into her new style was one of the most successful actresses of the 90’s. Sonari continues to learn new things in her life and often shares her experiences on social media. Sonari is also a book lover and often posts about it. When she turned 46 on January 1, we scrolled through her social media handles and found some of her amazing photos that surprised you.

1. Happy Holidays

The actress is currently on vacation in Seychelles with her family because she shares happy photos with her Instagram family. In one of the photos, you can see Sonari posing with her husband Goldie Beer and her son Ranville. The caption in the photo says “Stars staring at the runway (turned out to be a cloudy sky, but very beautifully organized) #magicalnights @ goldiebehl @ rockbehl”.

2. Good Hair Day

The actress seems to be in love with her short golden lock, as shown in this selfie of her. In the photo, Sonari poses in a black T-shirt with the perfect quote, “My mood depends on how my hair looks.”

3. What does it look like?

Actresses who are very active on social media often treat their fans with great photos. Recently, Sonari has glimpsed her fans from her messy hair day.

4. Pool time

Sonari flashes her brightest smile while enjoying pool time with Goldie, Ranville, and their furry friends.

5. Bookworm

A greedy reader, the actress has been sharing photos since she was reading. Now Sonari has informed his online family that he has accepted the challenge of reading all the books in the library.

Look at her gorgeous pictures

Source link Look at her gorgeous pictures

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