Live: Telangana Lockdown 2021 News Update: A big decision by the KCR government!Everything you need to know about timing, dates, etc.

Telangana Blockade Latest News: The Telangana Cabinet on Tuesday has made a major decision to impose a blockade on the state in light of the surge in the Covid-19 case. The meeting was presided over by Prime Minister K. Chandrasekharlao and discussed the surge in the Covid case. Here are all the live updates regarding KCR’s decision to lock down Telangana: —

Blockade in Telangana from tomorrow. The state cabinet, which met this afternoon, decided to impose a blockade for 10 days starting Wednesday at 10 am.Relax from the blockade daily from 6am to 10am

Telangana government has decided to impose a 10-day blockade From 10:00 am on May 12, after the Cabinet meeting held today. All activities are permitted from 6 am to 10 am, after which a complete blockade is imposed.

“There are reports suggesting that there is no reduction in cases despite the imposition of blockades by certain states. Against this background, there are different opinions about blockades. Some sections Is in favor of imposing a blockade. Under these circumstances, the state cabinet will discuss and make decisions on the pros and cons of the blockade and the potential negative impact it may have on ongoing paddy field procurement. “.

Last week, the prime minister ruled to impose a blockade on the state, according to an IANS report, saying such a move would kill lives and lead to a complete collapse of the economy.

“There is no point in imposing a blockade. Telangana is the most happening state in the country, so workers from other states of Rs 250,000 to 300,000 are working here. The blockade imposed during the first wave. I’ve seen how their lives have been adversely affected by them. If they drop out, they won’t come back. “

“In addition, paddy yields are skyrocketing in the state. Paddy fields are in stock and weighed at 6,144 procurement centers in the state. Purchasing paddy fields is not an easy process. There are many processes. People are involved. What happens? To workers from other states who work in rice mills? What happens to them if there is a lockdown? How do they get them back when they go to Helter Skelter? I wonder, “he asked.

The Prime Minister also said the state cannot stop the supply of essential commodities, milk, vegetables, fruits, emergency medical services, delivery, hygiene and other such urgent and essential services. He also felt that the blockade would affect imports of vaccines, medicines, injections, etc. from other states.

Meanwhile, the downward trend in Covid-19 cases in Telangana continued as the state reported more recovery than new cases. During the 24-hour period until 5:30 pm on Monday, the state reported 4,826 new cases and 32 deaths. In the official claim that the situation is controlled, the number per day has consistently declined over the last 10 days.

The new case pushed the cumulative total to 5,02,187. The state added the latest set of cases of 10,000 rupees in 15 days. According to daily media reports by the Ministry of Health, 32 people have been infected with the virus in the last 24 hours, bringing the cumulative death toll to 2,771.

The case fatality rate has risen to 0.55%, but is still below the national average of 1.1%. During the period, as many as 7,754 people recovered from Covid, with a cumulative recovery of 4,36,619. The recovery rate, which had plummeted to almost 80% a few days ago, has now improved to 86.54. The number of active cases was further reduced to 62,797.

For the fourth consecutive day, the number of cases per day in Greater Hyderabad fell below 1,000. The state capital reported 723 cases. Ranga Reddy and Mechal Marcajigiri, adjacent to Hyderabad, reported 302 and 324 cases, respectively. Nalgonda reported 295 cases, followed by Warangal Urban with 242 cases, Nagar Krunur with 208 cases, Karimnagar with 207 cases and Khammam with 205 cases. Of the 33 districts, 16 districts had double-digit new cases and 1 district had single-digit new cases.

Live: Telangana Lockdown 2021 News Update: A big decision by the KCR government!Everything you need to know about timing, dates, etc.

Source link Live: Telangana Lockdown 2021 News Update: A big decision by the KCR government!Everything you need to know about timing, dates, etc.

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