List of new courses offered by IIT

There are several new courses devised by the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) for the new academic year. Some require candidates to crack JEE Advanced, while others can be applied without appearing in an engineering entrance exam. From artificial intelligence and data science to risk management and economics, we will introduce you to some of the new courses offered by IIT.

IIT Delhi Energy Engineering BTech

The institute offers a new course in energy engineering, which will be available for future academic sessions. Admission is granted through JEE Advanced and a total of 40 seats are available for this course. It is designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to tackle the energy sector challenges facing humanity, IIT Delhi said.

Online Data Science Program IIT Madras

Anyone who has completed Class 12 and studied English and Mathematics in Class 10 can apply for an online course. Candidates can apply for the program without having to go to the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE), which is an engineering entrance examination. The application process is in progress and the final date of registration is August 30th.

7 PG programs with IIT rule keys

Institutions have added six graduate degree programs and one five-year integrated program to the new academic session curriculum. These include MTech for artificial intelligence and MTech for data science, MDes for industrial design, MIM (Masters in Innovation Management) for the Faculty of Design, online MTech for microelectronics and VLSI, a five-year integrated program for MS Economics, and MTech for Dam. It is included. Safety and rehabilitation.

IIT Kanpur Statistics and Data Science

The Institute has introduced a four-year BS and five-year BS-MS integrated degree program in statistics and data science under the Faculty of Mathematics and Statistics. Admission to the program is through JEE Advanced.

Quantum Computing Lab by IIT Madras

Quantum Computing Lab courses are offered by the Institute to enable faculty, students and researchers to pursue research in this area. Courses and studies are offered in collaboration with IBM. It aims to accelerate collaborative research in quantum computing and develop a curriculum that will help prepare students for careers affected by this next era of computing in science and business as a whole. increase.

IIT Kanpur Online Master’s Program

Four new e-Masters programs have been launched by IIT Kanpur, including communications systems, cybersecurity, power sector regulation, economics and management, commodity markets and risk management.

AI and data science MTech with IIT Roorkee

Under the recently established Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science (CAIDS), two new MTech programs, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Science (DS), have been launched at IIT. The two MTech programs provide students with in-depth knowledge of the tools and techniques needed to transform data into actionable decision-making.

IIT Delhi’s Electrical Mobility MTech

IIT Delhi is a new graduate program, MTech in, focusing on electric vehicles, chargers and charging infrastructure, battery energy storage systems, battery management systems, reusability and reliability of energy storage elements, automotive health monitoring and more. Start Electric Mobility. Practical practice and design in the laboratory.

Full Stack development with IIT Mandicc

IIT Mandi and Wiley NXT have jointly launched a PG certificate for FullStack Development, the first batch of professional certification programs. The 7-month course is aimed at the next generation of developers and helps them build end-to-end full-stack solutions based on industry standards and customer needs.

MTech course at IIT Hyderabad

The institute will launch seven online MTech and one MDes course for working professionals. These include MTech for Industrial Metallurgy, MTech for EV Technology, MTech for Computational Mechanics, MTech for Integrated Computational Materials Engineering, MTech for Communications and Signal Processing (CSP), MTech for Power Electronics and Power Systems (PEPS), and Microelectronics. And VLSI MTech are included. (ME & VLSI) and MDes.

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List of new courses offered by IIT

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