LG launches “smart school” in J & K tribal area

On Thursday, Vice Governor Manoji Shinha launched an ambitious government project to turn 200 schools into smart schools for the Jammu and Kashmir tribal community at a cost of 4 billion rupees. School modernization will take place in two stages, the first 100 schools will be transformed by March 2022 and the rest by December 2022.

LG has also announced that it will offer scholarships to 21,000 children in the Gaddy, Shippi, Dard and Sina communities who have been robbed of the same thing over the last three decades. In 1991, the Gaddy and Shippi communities were declared tribes, but their children were denied scholarships. For thirty years they continued to work with the government, but no decision was made. He said the issue was notified to me only a few days ago and we decided to offer a scholarship immediately.

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Shinha congratulated the administrative departments associated with the tribal community on the historic beginning of a new era of tribal educational empowerment in Jammu and Kashmir. Our priority is to secure the future of tribal children. According to LG, modern-equipped tribes and remote smart schools will not only develop a scientific temperament for children and prevent dropout rates, but also prepare them for the future.

The government has developed a framework for smart schools to function. According to LG, members of the tribal community, PRI representatives, and voluntary associations will be involved in management, allowing these schools to play the role of “transformers” in our society. .. When everything is connected, life changes. According to LG, tribal education plans, scholarships and smart schools will bring justice to the tribal community in Jammu and Kashmir, which has been neglected for decades.

He added that these initiatives will also ensure that members of the tribal community are able to keep pace with the revolutionary and rapid changes that are taking place around them and connect themselves to the world.

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LG launches “smart school” in J & K tribal area

Source link LG launches “smart school” in J & K tribal area

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