Larger mackerel washout after opposition turmoil over soaring fuel prices

Opposition’s constant turmoil and persistent demands on Monday’s debate over rising gasoline, diesel and LPG prices led to a washout of the minutes of the day in Rajasaba.

The House of Councilors, which I met for the first time in the second half of the budget session, was repeatedly postponed as opposition parties continued to protest in the House of Representatives.

Rajya Sabha witnessed four postponements before the postponement of the day. First from around 10.05 am to 11:00 am, then again to 1:00 pm, then two 15/15 quick postponements.

The House meets at regular times from Tuesday to 11am to 6pm. This is after Chair M Benkai Anaidu has accepted the request for regular seating of some members.

House had a five-hour meeting from 9 am to 2 pm from the first part of the budget session that began on January 31st.

Opposition leader Mallikarjun Kharge announced Monday’s closure and demanded that gasoline, diesel and LPG prices rise “huge and frequently” even if global prices were “low”. ..

The chair refused to discuss the issue, saying it could be discussed in the course of the spending bill discussion, but asked Kage to mention the subject of his notice in light of his seniority.

Gasoline prices have reached 100 rupees per liter and diesel prices have reached 80 rupees, according to Kage, but LPG prices are rising and petroleum product prices are rising.

He claimed that gasoline prices have risen by nearly 820% and excise taxes have risen by about 258% since 2014. The central government said it has made a “profit” of Rs 210,000 over the last six years. Taxes and excise taxes on petroleum products.

He described it as a “burning subject” and said people were upset across the country.

“That’s why we’re asking you to suspend all rules under Rule 267 and give them the opportunity to talk about this issue. Ultimately, what is the government trying to say about this,” he said. ..

Opposition members began shouting a slogan calling for debate when the chair asked him to stop raising the issue and take up the question time.

Naidu continued to ask members to return to their seats instead of robbing them of the question time, but opposition members continued to shout at their request.

“If you don’t want to continue the question time, if you want to take the question time away from the people, I can postpone the house …. go to your seat.’Loktantraka mazak nahi karna hai’ … , “The chairman said.

As the members continued to scream, he postponed the house until 11:00 am.

When the House reunited at 11:00 am, members of the House again raised their demands and were forced to postpone another until 1:00 pm.

When the House of Representatives met again, Congressmen asked about the fate of their demands, and Chairman Vandana Chavan postponed twice for 15 minutes each at 1:00 pm and 1:15 pm.

When House reunited at 1:30 pm, Chavan said Rajasaba would resume normal working hours on Tuesday, March 9.

“This is good news for all members. At the request of many members from various stakeholders, the Chair will be seated in Rajasaba from 11am to 6am tomorrow, Tuesday, March 9, 2021. Decided to start. In the afternoon, according to the normal timing of the house.

“Members are only seated at the Rajasaba Chamber of Commerce and the Gallery, a little further away,” she said.

She then postponed the house for the day.

The proceedings of the day began with the oath of new members Biswagit Daimary (Assam), Dinesh Chandra Gemalbai Anavadiya (Gujarat) and Rambai Haljibai Mokariya (Gujarat).

References to the death article were made to former members of the House of Representatives, Vidya Sagar Nishad, M Rama Jois, and Satish Sharma, who died during the interim period of the budget session.

In the introduction of the reopened budget session, the chair praised Mallikarjun Kharge as leader of the opposition and expressed conviction that his vast and diverse experience would bring great benefits to the House of Representatives.

Mr Naidu said he should emphasize the attendance of lawmakers in the House of Representatives in order to better understand the rules of the House and use library facilities.

Naidu said some members are said to be in the capital but not attend the minutes.

“They are said to be in Delhi, but they are not in the House of Representatives,” he said, revealing that he did not mention any particular member or political party.

“I appeal to all the members. Emphasize that you are in the house, then observe the discussion and enrich your knowledge,” he said.

To commemorate International Women’s Day, the Chair praises the role of women, celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political contributions and achievements of women around the world, and celebrating the indomitable spirit. I did.

“We need to ensure that women can reach their full potential in both verbal and behavioral forms,” he says, and wants more power for women.

Many female lawmakers spoke on this occasion, calling for women’s reservations in parliament and state legislatures to ensure that women had the right representatives.

Naidu has informed the House of Representatives that eight Rajya Sabha committees have spent 12% more time this year investigating grant requests from 18 ministries than last year.

Larger mackerel washout after opposition turmoil over soaring fuel prices

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