Lara Dutta talks about dating at age 40

Lara Dutta’s show ” Hiccup HookupsKunal Kohli’s single mother, Vasda, is looking for a partner through a dating app, even though her 18-year-old daughter is updating her profile on the app. This dysfunctional unfiltered family, consisting of a single mother, her brother and daughter, takes care of everything in the sun.

Talk to Lara about her role in the series and her thoughts on dating for a 40-year-old woman. She talks about dating arenas, how a 40-year-old woman navigates life, and how to choose a relationship (a frivolous and casual one-night stand or a serious and compatible stand). But unlike her character in the series, do you think Lara has the right to a 40-year-old woman to live her life and seek a new beginning?
Excerpt from the interview:

Q What are Hiccups & Hookups?

This is an unfiltered family and the first show in India, and I believe it opens up new perspectives for such unique content. Vas, a single mother who is 40 and separated from her 19-year-old husband, has an open relationship with her brother and 18-year-old daughter Kay. The relationship was completely investigated on the screen in a fun, modern and interesting way. Both mother and daughter ride the same dating app and each is looking for a partner. I love how the daughter of the series encourages her mother to follow her passion by saying, “Mom, your life is just beginning.”

Q But with such apps, females can also be the prey of the wrong male

Yes. But after the age of 40, you can navigate your life. You are not a teenager. You may or may not know about others, but you know yourself. You know your likes and dislikes and what you want. If you are looking for a frivolous relationship, make it clear that what you want is something casual and you are not looking for a life partner. Or understand that you’re looking for more than a casual hookup or a one-night stand (a person who understands and is compatible with you). I think it’s great because you can date much more mature than when you were in your teens or 20s. You may make a mistake, but that’s okay. Please stand up and try again. Sometimes you will get it right, and sometimes it’s not.

Q So, do you think that if a man can play a prank at the age of 40, a woman will also play a prank at the age of 40?

Society never allowed us to discuss ideas about what the life of a 40-year-old single woman is. If you get out of marriage, you are supposed to have to get married again — you can’t look for a casual relationship. Unfortunately, society has always commanded women not even the right to think about this. Even if you have a desire, you are forced to fill it and prioritize your child before yourself. Sadly, this is a real-life scenario of the life of a 40-year-old woman.

Q Do you think it’s good for a couple to break up if they aren’t compatible?

If you can’t live in a friendly way under the same roof, you’d better leave. For a long time, society has set conditions especially for women. There are ups and downs in every relationship. Please suck it up and deal with it. “
Sometimes it makes it easier for a man to continue his marriage. But he has his relationship outside. It is not an easy decision for a woman to quit her marriage for a variety of reasons, including financial safety or because she believes her children need to continue a bad marriage. However, women who find the courage to leave a bad marriage need a strong support system through their families and children.

Q What’s happening in your home production? Is there a particular genre you are working hard on?

We have been working hard since COVID. I’m also a very practical producer who disappoints my colleagues in the company. I like being involved in every stage of filmmaking. So for me, it’s not about being unleashed one after another. I’m excited because I want something that is very satisfying. I like to participate in everything from the writing process to casting. It will happen at its own pace, but it’s happening. We are looking for a genre that originates in India but has a global voice, so we can do it internationally.

Q Do you agree that there is no substitute for movies?

Movies are an integral part of our culture. You can’t rob us of it. When it comes to entertainment, that’s our lifeline. Times have changed, but seeing all the new types of content is very exciting. The new harvest of actors / directors is progressing at a faster pace and consumption is much faster. To be honest, I think March-April 2022 will be a boom period. Especially because there were two difficult years.

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Lara Dutta talks about dating at age 40

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