Krafton Rolling 1.8 Update for BGMI Android and iOS users in India

Korean video game developer Krafton introduced a new classic mode feature with a whole new UI in the 1.8 update deployed on the Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Starting today, this update will be rolled out for Battleground Mobile India. With the 1.8 update, players will be able to take advantage of the new theme Livik: Aftermath until February 14th. After the eruption of the volcano and the melting of the snow, the geography of the island changed completely. Players can dive into surprise as they fight enemies on a completely modified Livik map.

Multiple zipline spots are spawned in the map, allowing players to move quickly between spots.

In addition, as part of the update, players will be offered a variety of events to celebrate the collaboration, giving them an exciting experience. You can also get rating protection once a day to play in the new mode.

Here are some of the biggest changes in matchmaking-ranked matching and regular matchmaking are separated. Dropping into a ranked matchmaking will give you season rating points as before. When playing in regular matchmaking, season tier points are unaffected, so classic mode, arena mode, and other special EvoGround modes.

The UI has changed significantly to make it cleaner and more intuitive. Players can now swim when knocked out, albeit a little slower. Enemies hit by a player or his team are automatically marked, Krafon said.

Significant changes to classic mode have been made to include a brand new supply store game mechanic that will be displayed throughout the map. You can also exchange looted coins for store supply items.

In fact, some resurrection objects are scattered across all theme modes and can be summoned after the defeated teammates have been taken out.

Finally, the parachute mechanism during landing has been significantly improved, adding all new tools for marking when you want to drop on the map.

Battlegrounds Mobile India can only be played in India.

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Krafton Rolling 1.8 Update for BGMI Android and iOS users in India

Source link Krafton Rolling 1.8 Update for BGMI Android and iOS users in India

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