Know the minimum score required to pass

The Bihar School Board of Education (BSEB) Class 12 Answer Sheet evaluation process has been completed, the results have been prepared and the committee is in the process of topper verification. After the infamous 2016 incident in which the Bihar State Commission’s class topper was unable to respond to media queries containing the name of her subject, the Commission became very rigorous in its evaluation process. Topper’s answer sheet is validated, Topper is interviewed, and handwriting is matched to rule out cases of fraud and spoofing.

Once declared, the results will be available on the official websites (,,, The Class 12 exam ended on February 13th. Like last year, this year will be the first board for Bihar Board to announce the results of board exams. The rest of the board postponed the exam due to a pandemic. In addition to the 12th, the Bihar Commission’s Class 10 evaluation process is expected to be completed by March 29, with results announced to enrollees by the first week of April, sources suggest. doing.

BSEB Bihar Board 12th Result: How many marks do I need to pass?

Candidates must ensure a minimum overall score of 33 percent in order to obtain a certificate of acceptance from the board. Students must also pass the theory and practice exams separately, as well as earn the minimum passing score for each subject. In theory, even a person with a 30% score in the theory section is considered a pass. Those who fail to get the minimum passing score in one or two subjects will need to appear in the compartment exam to improve their performance.

BSEB 12th Result 2021: What should I do if I do not pass?

Students who fail more than one subject will need to retake the exam next year. If candidates are not satisfied with their score, they will also be offered the opportunity to apply for a reassessment of the answer sheet.The schedule will be announced with the results

BSEB 12th Result 2021: How many students took the exam?

Candidates of about 130,000 rupees enrolled in the class 12 board exam, and students of about 160,000 rupees enrolled in the class 10 exam. The Board has already released intermediate and high school answer keys for all objective questions across all subject questionnaires. Students were also given the opportunity to challenge the answer keys provided.

BSEB 12th Result 2021: How was the result last year?

Last year, more than 120,000 students took the BSEB midterm exam, 80.44 percent of which passed. The pass rate improved slightly compared to 79.76% in the interim results for 2019 and 52.95% in 2018. In class 10, the pass rate for all students decreased slightly. In 2020, about 80.59% of the students who participated in the exam passed, but the statistics for 2019 were 80.73% and 68.89% in 2018 and 50.12% in 2017.

This year, the Board introduced alternative questions that are expected to help students and increase pass rates for all questions asked on the exam.

Know the minimum score required to pass

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