Khushi Kapoor looks back at three tattoos.

Sridevi and Boney Kapoor’s youngest daughter, Kushi Kapoor, published an Instagram page a few months ago. Since then, she has shared photos and videos she has never seen and quickly became viral on the Internet. It has become. Khushi made her beginner talk show debut with her sister and actor Janhvi Kapoor on “BFF’s with Vogue.” At the show, the star’s child revealed that his father had a tattoo that he was unaware of.

Now, in her latest post, Khushi shared a sunken photo of a throwback flaunting three tattoos. For selfies, Kufushi wears a deep V-neck blue floral dress with a summery look. She completed her looks by tying her hair buns and placing flowers behind her ears.

Khushi wrote “Tb”, adding a caption to her photo.

Talking about Khushi’s tattoos, she puts her family’s birthday in Roman numerals and the other is her best friend’s name. The third tattoo is on the back and says “Khud ki raah banao”.

However, Kapoor, the youngest, seems to have three or more tattoos in his latest photo. Meanwhile, when asked if Janhvi was interested in tattooing, she revealed that her mother, Sridevi, and she were against Khushi’s tattoos. She went on to say, “There are too many chickens to ink.”

For Khushi, she is currently in school in New York and will follow in the footsteps of becoming an actor for her mother, Sridevi, and her sister, Janhvi.

Meanwhile, Janhvi’s next movie is “Good Luck Jerry.”

Khushi Kapoor looks back at three tattoos.

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