“Katrina Kaif’s cheek-like road”

A few years ago, MPs talked about making the road as smooth as the cheeks of then-member Hema Malini, and other colleagues in Raja Saba, including Hema Malini, laughed at it. Perhaps taking that as an example, the newly appointed minister of the Council of Ministers of Rajasthan equated road conditions with actor Katrina Kaif and Hema Malini, who turned from actor to politician. But this time I wasn’t laughed at!

Rajendra Singh Guda, the new minister of soldier welfare, home guard, civil defense and Panchayati and rural development in Rajasthan, was involved in the controversy after the video he commented on was talked about.In the video, you can hear Rajendra Singh Gudha saying Katrina Kaif. ka gaalan jaayan ki sadak banni chayej [Roads should be made like the cheeks of Katrina Kaif].. “

Rajendra Singh Gudha is one of the six MLAs in the Udaipurwati district of Jhunjhunu who won the 2018 parliamentary elections with BSP tickets before switching to parliament.

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“Katrina Kaif’s cheek-like road”

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