Kashmir files, Kapil Sharma show and unanswered questions. Aren’t we finished yet?

In a series of interviews following the release of “The Kashmir Files”, Bollywood actor Anupam Kher recently posted a cryptic message on a microblogging site. The matter died precisely in two tweets, but left some questions unanswered. So, wasn’t Vivek Agnihotri’s team invited to promote the film on a popular comedy show because of the sensitive content it deals with about the “genocide” of the Kashmir pandits?

As we reflect on the same question, like many netizens, our thoughts run to the image of the person mentioned in Kher’s tweet. From becoming a household name with his laughter therapy to transcending to “hope,” comedian Kapil Sharma has had his share of ups and downs. And yet, “it’s not over yet.” But is it over for Kapil Sharma fans?

Sharma, who entered the world of Hindi television with ‘The Great Indian Laughter Challenge’, started breaking the charts six years later with her stage with ‘Jhalak Dikhla Jaa Season 6’ in 2013.

The comedian has been doing various shows over the years, including ‘Comedy Circus’ and performing ‘Chhote Miyan’. Carrying his passion for singing, he also participated in a reality show singing ‘Star ya Rockstar’. But his partnership with Maniesh Paul made him an instant hit, expanding his fan base.

From pulling out contestants to imagining guests in different roles (one day Sharma unfolded singer Shaan like a jaw on the border), the descriptions made the audience roll across the floor.

Frame by Jhalak Dikhla Jaa. Season 6

Months later, he expanded his tricks with his own production. The chat program, ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’, broke all records. But there was also a section that thought his concerts were frivolous as he ventured into the comedy of bodily shame and insults.

Criticism, however, did not clog Sharma or the creators as the show became India’s most highly regarded screenplay. In addition to its usual fan base, it has now made way for conversations between actors and politicians.

Narendra Modi, the 2014 BJP prime ministerial candidate, mocked Rahul Gandhi in one of his election speeches. Prime Minister Modi had then suggested that the jokes of the Congress leader should be broadcast on television instead of the program of comedian Kapil Sharma.

“I think the Kapil Sharma TV series (Kapil Comedy Nights) will close in a few days. (more) for entertainment, “Modi said at a rally in support of then-candidate Uma Bharti in UP’s Jhansi.

Later, after becoming prime minister, he appointed the comedian of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan’ to make people aware of cleanliness and other social issues related to hygiene. But Sharma’s days of fame began to plummet the day she drank, Prime Minister Modi tweeted.

Kapil Sharma, the child of controversy?

“Yeh hain aapke achhe din? @Narendramodi (sic)” and “I am paying Rs 15 Cr income tax for the last 5 years and I still have to pay Rs 5 lacs bribe to BMC office for doing my office @narendramodi (sic ), “Sharma wrote in her tweet. the prime minister.

In another incident, the comedian’s joke about women did not go down well with the activists. While mocking the country’s potholes, Sharma said the state of the roads is such that women can give birth at any time while traveling down the bumpy road. This prompted a woman activist to file a complaint against him before the Maharashtra State Women’s Commission.

The only incident that remained in the news for a long time was Sharma’s fight with her co-star Sunil Grover in the air. Sharma reportedly abused and beat his drunk roommate intoxicated. Reports indicated that Sharma, holding Grover by the lap, told him, “Your mere naukar hai, tera show flop tha … (you are my servant, your show was a failure).” The reports, however, were undone by the comedian.

This time around, he re-attempted the controversy that led Twitter to make a trend on the ‘#BycottKapilSharmaShow’ tag. Vivek Agnihotri, director of ‘The Kashmir Files’, claimed that they were not invited to ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ as the film did not have a “commercial star cast”. Anupam Kher and Sharma had an almost verbal duel on Twitter for it.

“Modiji promoted #TheKashmirFiles, we don’t need the Bollywood band bootlicker @ KapilSharmaK9 for the promotion, so fuck your program. I reject the Bollywood band for not supporting the truth #BycottKapilSharmaShow,” a Twitter user wrote.

This is not the first time that strong reactions have appeared on Twitter. Some people, who had the opportunity to watch ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ live, wrote in Quora that he was “told to laugh on set”. Since we did not attend any of the shows, we cannot guarantee it. Also, it is an accepted fact that there is a difference between the reel and the real one.

I’m not done yet, says Kapil Sharma. But what do viewers think?

Sharma also knows how many times she’s been in the newspapers for the wrong reasons, and why. But that’s where his talent comes into play. Making his Netflix debut, the comedian turned some of these controversies into a comedy script. This is where your forte lies: collecting random daily tasks or gaffe and turning it into a story.

It is, or perhaps was (we are divided here), quite identifiable at times. Who can forget that describing the benefits of a toothbrush for a middle-class family — from a toothbrush to retirement as a tool for drawing pajama ropes? And the difficulty a middle-class family faces before pulling a tube of toothpaste: one applies extra pressure using the edge of the toothbrush to pull out a little more or simply cuts the tube to use to the last size of toothpaste. .

Well, middle class issues always sell. That is why politicians talk about them before the elections and there is so much suspense for the relief of the middle class every year during the Union budget.

There is enough content in the market, only you have to know how to coin it. Although Kapil Sharma’s stand-up act on Netflix, ‘I’m Not Done Yet’, did break us into identifiable pieces, but did not generate much interest in the end as it became a tribute to his father, who seemed rather. a KJo drama.

It may be that ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ still generates high numbers, given that it is repeated on weekends. But we are still unsure whether the repeated acts continue to tickle viewers or whether it is played in the background with the desire for more and the hope that “Kapil Sharma is not over yet.”

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Kashmir files, Kapil Sharma show and unanswered questions. Aren’t we finished yet?

Source link Kashmir files, Kapil Sharma show and unanswered questions. Aren’t we finished yet?

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