Karan Patel overthrows new blockade restrictions

Actor Karan Patel is not happy with the partial or mini blockades and restrictions imposed in Maharashtra as coronavirus vases grow. The actors, in particular, did not follow the COVID-19 safety rules and shared their disgust in the wake of the usual political rally.

Taking his Instagram story, Karan blamed the new rules and called them “stupid” and “totally meaningless.” He writes: “Actors can continue shooting for the project. Cricket players can continue to play day and night. Politicians can hold rallies with thousands of people. State elections You can do and expect you to vote. The guy can’t go to work. # Stupid and completely meaningless. “

For those who don’t know, Maharashtra is facing a partial blockade, and the state government has imposed a curfew and a weekend blockade earlier this week. The limit is valid until April 30th.

Retailers, traders, and several other sectors are protesting the partial blockade, and the government could twist its standard operating procedure (SOP). Maharashtra Prime Minister Uddhav Thacke also met with them, hinting at relaxation.

“The restrictions imposed were not enforced in the second wave. Not only traders and businesses, but also the states are facing diplomat losses. We will definitely rethink our decisions. Provides some mitigation after thorough deliberation with the Task Force. Police administration and other departments. “

Meanwhile, JD Majesia, chairman of the Indian Film and Television Producers Council (IFTPC), said he was in favor of the government’s decision.

JD said, “The filming of TV shows is completely blocked, so there will be no daily soap opera on Saturdays and Sundays. According to state government standards, the production company will be notified and the script will be written accordingly. This week somehow most people will have a bank of episodes. From next week we have to see how things happen. We’re whole Need to see the statue, we were about to enter another stage of the blockade, but that didn’t happen. ”

Karan Patel overthrows new blockade restrictions

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