Kangana Ranaut accused Instagram of failing to promote “Thalaivii”

Kangana Ranaut is preparing to debut the next movie, Thalaivii, based on the life of former Tamil Nadu Prime Minister and actress J. Jayalalithaa. Kangana Ranaut is angry with Instagram for not allowing her movies to be promoted on her page. In a recent Instagram post, she calls the photo-sharing platform “non-expert”, accusing her of not including a link to the “Thalaivii” trailer in her biography.

She listens to her story and writes: For years on Instagram I need your permission to add something to my name or profile. Your team in India tells me they need to get permission from an international boss … it’s been a week feeling like a slave in a bunch of white idiots … your East India Change the attitude of the company. “

“Since I applied to add Thalaivi to my name to promote my movie, the edit section of my account has been locked and awaiting approval by Instagram. Now the website section. You can’t even add a trailer to your account. Such non-professionalism from @instagram is unacceptable. “

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Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account has been suspended indefinitely for violating the platform’s malicious expression policy.

Kangana will then be seen in the movie “Taraivi”. Arvind Swamy, Bhagyashree and Jish Sengupta will also appear in the film and will be shown in theaters on September 10.

Kangana Ranaut accused Instagram of failing to promote “Thalaivii”

Source link Kangana Ranaut accused Instagram of failing to promote “Thalaivii”

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