Kangana Larnout’s Twitter stop

The actor responded after Twitter suspended Kangana Ranaut’s account. The actor / filmmaker called the creator of Twitter for suspending her page due to racism. But she said it wouldn’t prevent her from expressing herself. Kangana has revealed that there are many platforms for expressing his opinion, including his own films. She ended up writing that her heart was directed at the people of this country.

“Twitter only proved that they were Americans, and when they were born, they felt that whites were eligible to enslave brown people. What they thought, I want to talk and tell you what to do. Fortunately, I have a lot of platforms available. To raise my voice, including my art in the form of a movie, but my heart has been for thousands of years. It is directed at the people of this country who have been tortured, enslaved, and censored for a while, yet suffering never ends. “

Regarding the suspension of accounts in Kangana, a Twitter spokesperson told WION, “It is clear that we will take strong enforcement measures against actions that could lead to harm offline. The referenced accounts are Twitter rules, especially. Malicious Behavior Policy and Abuse Behavior Policy. Twitter rules apply carefully and fairly to everyone who uses the service. “

Kangana was often called by netizens for “disgusting” tweets, leaving no stone for celebrities, politicians, entrepreneurs, and even the general public to blame her page.

Kangana Larnout’s Twitter stop

Source link Kangana Larnout’s Twitter stop

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