Kangana Larnout’s controversial tweets and why the outage was going on

In April 2020, Twitter suspended its account after a post by Rangoli Chandel, sister of actor Kangana Ranaut, “incited violence against certain religious groups.” Her account was suspended after being reported on a microblogging site as “spitting disgust.” A year later, Kangana Larnout faced the same fate. Her Twitter account was also suspended due to “inflamed” tweets in response to violence reported in West Bengal after the outcome of the parliamentary elections.

“We have made it clear that we will take strong coercion against actions that could lead to harm offline. A Twitter spokeswoman said in a statement that Twitter’s rules, especially malicious intent. The referenced account was permanently suspended due to repeated violations of certain behavioral and abusive behavioral policies.

Rangoli, who is also the manager of Kangana, tweeted on behalf of her actress’s sister until her account was banned. At that point, Kangana became active on her own, but like her older siblings, she often encountered controversy in her opinion. Earlier this year, certain restrictions were imposed on her account after she posted an incendiary tweet to the web series Tandav. “It’s time to bow (the maker’s),” she said, because she hurt her religious sentiment. Kangana was tagging Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey at the time, saying that “my account and my virtual identity could be martyred for the country at any time.”

“Why Mumbai feels like Kashmir under Pakistani occupation”

Last year she undertook several individuals, organizations, the film industry and political groups. One of the major incidents was the war with Shiv Sena, which stemmed from another controversial incident, the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Kangana posted on Twitter that she was in danger after Sushant’s death in Mumbai, saying the city felt like Kashmir (POK) under Pakistani occupation. She said, “The leader of Sanjay Raut Shiv Sena threatened me with an open threat and asked me not to return to Mumbai after Azadi’s graffiti on the streets of Mumbai and the now open threat. Why Mumbai Does Pakistan feel like it has occupied Kashmir? ”

“Babourg has come to Lamb Temple”

When Shiv Sena led BMC on a demolition drive at Bandra’s home and office, Kangana compared her office space with Ramman Deal and said: For me, Lamb Temple itself, Babourg came today, today’s history repeats Lamb Temple breaks again, but remember Babourg This temple will be rebuilt, this temple will be rebuilt You can, Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri Ram, Jai Shri RAM. “

“I knew what Kashmir Pandit had experienced, but I felt it today.”

After the demolition, she shared a clip addressed to Maharashtra’s Prime Minister Uddhav Thacke, saying: This is the wheel of time, remember, it never stays the same. You showed me a favor. I knew what Kashmir Pandit had experienced, but I felt it today. I pledge to this country to make films not only in Ayodhya but also in Kashmir. “

“Karan Johar, Principal of the Movie Mafia”

A few days after the unfortunate end of Sushant Singh Rajput, Kangana released a video attacking the “insiders” of the Hindi film industry. In a subsequent tweet, she picked up “Bullywood and nepo-kids” and declared that there was a systematic conspiracy leading to Sushant’s death. She declared filmmaker Karan Johar “the king of the movie mafia” at his chat show a few years ago. After Sushant’s death, the accusation became even more serious. She tweeted. “The main culprit in the movie Mafia is Karan Johar! … He’s roaming freely, even after ruining many lives and careers, but no action has been taken against him, but to us. Do you have any hope? After all, he and his hyena gang will come for me. “

“When the NCB enters Breewood, many A-listers will be behind the bar.”

In August 2020, the “Manicalnica” actress offered to assist the Drug Enforcement Administration in the case of Sushant Singhradiput. “It’s clear that Sushant knew some dirty secrets, and that’s why he was killed,” the actress claimed to have launched a thread of serious accusations on Twitter. In a series of tweets, Kangana also stated that the NCB “enters Bollywood” and “many A-listers are behind the bar.” Kangana tweeted, “When the Drug Enforcement Administration enters Breewood, many A-listers will be behind the bar. When a blood test is done, there will be many shocking revelations …” ..

“They are terrorists, not farmers.”

Earlier this year, during protests against the new farming method, Kangana called international singer Rihanna a “fool” and peasants “terrorists.” Rihanna questioned the lack of adequate coverage of the protest in a tweet replied by Kangana. “No one is talking about it because they are not peasants, they are terrorists trying to divide India and China can take over us. It is a fragile broken country and it Make it a Chinese colony like the United States … Let you sit ridiculously, we don’t sell our country like your dummy. “She is a Punjabi singer and actor. He protested with Dirget Dosanji and called him “Calistan”. Twitter still had to remove some of her posts at the time.

These are just the highlights of tweets and posts from Kangana that targeted a few colleagues, including Swara Bascar, Tarpsy Panne, Alia Bhatt, and Deepika Padukone. Her Twitter account was permanently suspended on Tuesday, but she moved her focus to Instagram, saying she had several platforms to express her opinion.

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Kangana Larnout’s controversial tweets and why the outage was going on

Source link Kangana Larnout’s controversial tweets and why the outage was going on

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