Kangana Larnout claims that Akshay Kumar “secretly” praised her in “Taraibi” for “the horror of the movie mafia.”

On Wednesday, Bollywood actor Kangana Larnout grabbed Twitter’s handle and secretly received a phone call or message after the trailer for the recently released movie “Taraibi” by several “big stars” including Akshay Kumar. I said there is. But she added that unlike Alia Bhatt and other films, these big stars can’t openly admire her because of the “horror of the movie mafia.”

In a tweet, Kangana said, “Bollywood is very hostile and praising me can bother people. There are many secret calls and messages from big stars like @ akshaykumar, I praised the trailer for @ Thalaivithefilm in the sky, but unlike AliA and Deepika, a movie they can’t openly admire. The horror of the movie Mafia. “

“When it comes to art, the industry is” objective, “and he wants to be content with” power struggle and politics when it comes to cinema, “Kangana added in another tweet. It’s an art, and when it comes to cinema, don’t settle for power struggles and politics. My political views and spirituality should not be the target of bullying, harassing, or isolation of me, but obviously I will win. “

Kangana’s tweet is in response to screenwriter Aniruddha Guha, who praised her as an “exceptional actor.”

“Kangana Larnout is an extraordinary, once-in-a-generation actor,” Aniludda wrote in a tweet.

Look at the tweets here:

Meanwhile, in March, Kangana shared that Vijay first rejected her with “Taraivi” because the Tamil accent was not fluent.

Kangana also recalled the memory of filming the film during the trailer launch event and the memory of the COVID-19 pandemic hindering the project and questioning the maker if the film needed to be dropped in the middle. Shared an interesting anecdote of the movie that revealed her. Director Vijay first thought she wasn’t fit for that role.

The four-time National Award winner said, “My accent isn’t right anywhere. Tamil is as difficult as Sanskrit. I made a movie now, but he thinks the accent is okay so far. No, “he said.

She laughed and told me, “While I was rolling, he was still auditioning and found the crystal clear accent I was looking for in Hyderabad, so obviously he was all the time. I rejected me before. “

When asked how comfortable she would be as an actor if her dialogue was dubbed in pure Tamil, she said it was not a “desired experience” as an actor.

“I still remember saying that when Sir Lambijay gave me a script, your voice was a very important part of your personality and your voice was half of your performance. Therefore, we need to learn to speak Tamil in this movie, “Kangana recalled.

Adding a more humorous twist to her remarks, she said, “I took it as a challenge, but this guy (director) Vijay just rejected me and it can’t be helped.”

Directed by AL Vijay and written by Vijayendra Prasad, the film is a multilingual biopick positioned for release across India. In this movie, Kangana appears as Jayara Ritter, Alvind Swami as politician MG Ramachandran, and Praka Shraj as Karunanidhi. Jish Sengputa and Bhagyashree also play a central role.

Published by Vibri Motion pictures, Karma Media Entertainment and Zee Studios in connection with Gothic Entertainment and Sprint films, “Thalaivi” was produced by Vishnu Vardhan Induri and Shailesh R Singh and co-produced by Hitesh Thakkar and Thirumal Reddy.

Kangana Ranaut-starrer will be released worldwide by Zee Studios on April 23, 2021 in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Kangana Larnout claims that Akshay Kumar “secretly” praised her in “Taraibi” for “the horror of the movie mafia.”

Source link Kangana Larnout claims that Akshay Kumar “secretly” praised her in “Taraibi” for “the horror of the movie mafia.”

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