Kangana Larnout accuses Pretty Nandy in the “Love Jihad” column

In a newspaper column, filmmaker, poet and journalist Pritish Nandy writes about Love Jihad. One of his remarks is, “When India opens its heart, it can beat anyone. But first, we need to learn to reject hatred and respect the courage to love. They will tomorrow. Blind Bhakti that builds India and stirs anger. ”This column didn’t work with many, including Kangana Ranaut.

The actor went to her Twitter page and accused Nandy of his thoughts on Love Jihad in a series of tweets. She tweeted. “Your view of love and jihad is so mysterious that you wonder if you are naive or just cunning. Even a fool, love jihad hides his identity and forces him to convert later. I know that it only applies to scams that cheat by letting you. Why are you talking? Don’t you know about love marriage here? “

Kangana further tweeted, “What’s wrong with these stupid fools who give space to write trash, calling for fraudulent marriages that trick women by hiding their names and identities when men catch them. Project evil practices like love. “

“Mr. Nandy has one thing to get straight love based on honesty and truth. Love transcends religion, caste and even nationality, but one partner is about his identity. If you lie and deceive other partners, in such cases, if the woman survives and complains, only they are called the jihad case of love. “

Kangana concludes with a tweet. “Don’t use the jihad of love to spoil a twisted romantic teenager who praises it. These women are asking for help and we are strong to help them. We need a law. We need to protect people like you. The road will be crushed. “

Kangana Larnout accuses Pretty Nandy in the “Love Jihad” column

Source link Kangana Larnout accuses Pretty Nandy in the “Love Jihad” column

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