Kajal Aggarwal begins knitting

Kajar Agarwal emphasizes the importance of staying focused in these difficult times when constant and tragic news fuels helplessness and anxiety. “The overall purpose is to do something creative and productive that helps spread positiveness while establishing a sense of usefulness,” says the actress. Her own “reliable” stress relief activity is knitting.

Kajal Aggarwal

Kajar says he recently learned the art of knitting from his mother-in-law.
“It feels great and wonderful to make something with my own hands. It helps me relax and my mental health. The act of making something for others is really a cure. I think it’s the target, “says the actress.

Kajar describes her mother-in-law, Dealer Kitchell, as a wonderful person, saying: We knit together, chat and talk about everything that creates a positive environment. “

Kajar’s mother-in-law knits a blanket and sends it to an orphanage. “That’s what you call a’love patch’,” the actress smiles. “I feel it is important to work little by little for people during this time.”

The· Kaidi No: 150 The star shares that she also got some coloring books. “I read a lot, cook and exercise. Apart from continuing to meditate, I also take a walk on the terrace,” she says. “I’m trying to maintain discipline through mediation. It’s positive.”

And, of course, spending time with her husband Gautam helps her relax. Kajar describes Gautam as one of her greatest support systems. “Life after marriage was great. At this time of the pandemic testing our resilience, we remain positive and are trying to spread our positiveness. We are all , I’m in this fight with COVID-19 and hopefully I’ll beat it soon, “she signs off.

Kajal Aggarwal begins knitting

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