Juventus’may be demoted to Serie B and stripped of scudetto’

Juventus have been demoted to Serie B, Part 2, and could be stripped of their recently acquired Scudetto and Serie A titles if convicted of misaccounting.

Bianconeri’s invoices and financial statements were confiscated after the Turin and Milan offices were attacked last week.

The study is related to a total of 42 transfers between 2019 and 2021, including transfers for Cristiano Ronaldo, João Cancelo, Arthur Melo and Danilo.

Juventus reportedly inflated the value of players in their accounts, and CODACONS, the Italian Consumer Rights Association, revealed that automatic demotion could be possible if they were found guilty. bottom.

President Marco Donselli, as Football Italy said, “The accusation system is so serious that it sheds an ominous light on last year’s football championship, which Juventus has truly dominated in recent years. Because it ended last year. “

“If Juventus gained an illegal advantage over rival clubs in this type of operation, the regularity of the previous football championship would fail and, as a result, federations and market competition authorities would have to intervene and sanction them. . Responsible person.

“Beyond personal responsibility, clubs are not exempt from punishment.

Or for this reason, to protect thousands of fans, we won the Antimonopoly Act and the Federal Prosecution Service “in the shadow of Juventus’ demotion to Serie B and these potentially illegal operations. Complain to the Office Requesting Cancellation of the League Title. “

The club also issued the following statement: “If necessary, we believe that Juventus is working with investigators and consobs and operates in compliance with the laws and regulations governing readiness, and is confident that it will reveal all aspects of investigators’ interests. Comply with accounting principles and prepare financial reports in line with international football industry practices and market conditions. “

In fact, this isn’t the first time this has happened in Juventus history, as it was demoted in 2006 for being involved in the Calciopoli match-fixing scandal and stripped of the 2004/05 title. After starting the 2006/07 Serie B season with a 9-point deficit, they returned to their first attempt.

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Juventus’may be demoted to Serie B and stripped of scudetto’

Source link Juventus’may be demoted to Serie B and stripped of scudetto’

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