Jungkook tears the missing army as BTS gives the concert a powerful permit

BTS once again proved what powerful performers they were with the permission of Dance On Stage at an online concert in Seoul on Sunday night. Septet filled their energy when playing an empty Olympic stadium without an audience a month before an offline concert after the first pandemic in the United States. The Korean boy band, which is currently in vogue around the world, did not disappoint fans ARMY as they played some of their biggest hits, from 2015 I Need You to their latest single, Permission to Dance.

The concert started with one of their most powerful songs, “ON”. This is treated visually each time it is played. BTS went back and forth between old and new songs during the two-hour concert. The setlist also included Dope, Fire, DNA, Black Swan, Blue and Gray. In the middle of the concert, BTS surprised ARMY with a smooth transition from dynamite to butter. It’s two Billboard No. 1 singles with an unprecedented dance break.

Member V aka Kim Tae-hyun was unable to function well due to calf muscle pain. He stared at the dance number and joined the members only during the physically lighter acts. While addressing the audience at the end of the concert, he said he couldn’t be as excited as the other members and couldn’t play to the fullest. “This is embarrassing. I was fine until yesterday and started to feel knee pain on the day of the concert. But the army, don’t worry me, I’ll be more careful not to let that happen again. “I assure you.”

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Most members said they were cheering in the audience and overlooking the presence of screaming fans while talking to the audience. The band had rented the Olympic Stadium in advance, hoping to invite live spectators, but unfortunately, in a pandemic situation, a rally of that size was not yet possible.

Jungkook, the youngest member of the main vocals, announced yet another new hair color (mint blonde style), which made fans enthusiastic. RM showed off his undercut with short hair while Suga showed off his dark gray hairstyle. J-Hope also abandoned his blonde style to a darker, almost black hair color. Jin, Jimin and V seemed to stick to a fairly natural hair color.

Jungkook said that he had lost his fans, “I was singing a spring day, seeing the vacant seats and almost weeping. I have a motto that I want to die rather than live without passion. But the light in me seems to be fading. After today’s concert, I feel I need to see you soon. I miss you. I’ll fly wherever I am, “said the fans. Told.

Team leader Kim Nam Jun (RM) also talked about losing motivation after not meeting fans in person for two years. “I wonder if I’m still motivated. I’ve started exercising, but I’m nearing the limit of staying motivated. I’ve forgotten my identity. But this concert motivates me to meet me offline soon. And I hope our energy reaches you wherever you are today, “he said.

The oldest member, Kim Suk-jin, finally appeared with a cute ribbon tied around his head, saying, “This concert was a gift for the Army.” He also said that he was running out of stamina at the age of 30.

This will be the first concert in about a year since “BTS MAP OF THE SOUL ON: E” held in October 2020. Soon we’ll be heading to Los Angeles for four performances at Inglewood’s SoFi Stadium in November.

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Jungkook tears the missing army as BTS gives the concert a powerful permit

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