Joe Biden, Donald Trump Addresses US on January 6th

The split country is an ominous split on Thursday when President Joe Biden uses the anniversary of the January 6th parliamentary attack to warn of a threat to US democracy and Donald Trump carries out a conspiracy theory. Experience the moment of the screen. A year after a crowd of Trump supporters marched into parliament and tried to prevent lawmakers from proving Biden’s victory in the presidential election, the political wounds haven’t healed yet.

Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris from inside the Capitol, a setting during the almost incredible scene of anxiety when Trump supporters fought past police to break into the center of democracy in the United States. It is said to speak.

Biden, as a veteran politician who retired to take over what he saw as Trump’s authoritarian president, in his first year at the White House, against the political freedom that most Americans have taken for granted. He often warned about “existing” threats. His speech, which is part of a series of events that Biden’s main ally, Senator Nancy Pelosi, has described as a “difficult day,” will take that warning to a new level.

But while Congress is holding a prayer rally for what Biden calls a “dark moment,” Trump holds a press conference from his luxury property in Marago, Florida.

His message is just as easy to predict. Despite losing more than 7 million votes to Biden and losing multiple court complaints across the country, Trump continues his barbaric allegations that the 2020 elections have been stolen. I am. And the accusations are only the most exciting element of the widespread attack on Biden against everything from immigrants to Covid-19, all appearing as undeclared bids to regain power in 2024. ..

This is a campaign that Professor Carl Tobias of the University of Richmond School of Law calls “unprecedented in American history.”

“The former president has never tried so much to undermine the credibility of his successors and the democratic process,” Tobias said.

What can Biden do?

How ridiculous the election conspiracy theory may be — a federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled Trump’s case “tension” and “speculative” — it was seen by millions of Americans as true. It has been done.

Polls consistently show that about 70 percent of Republicans believe Biden was illegally elected. A poll at the University of Maryland’s new Washington Post shows this figure at 58 percent. However, the same poll found that 40% of Republicans believed that violence against the government could be justified compared to 23% of Democrats.

Fighting what is popular as “steel” by master brander Trump has become a political ideology in itself, criticizing almost all Republicans for what happened on January 6th. Bend over to avoid or actively defend the attack.

Lara Brown, director of the George Washington University Graduate School of Political Management, has quite a combination of politicians trying to read a good Trump book and a large number of voters deceived to believe what they are saying. Said that it would help.

“What’s so scary about where we are now is that these aren’t just elite attacks, they’re fueled by grassroots movements,” she said.

On January 6, she said, “It was the average everyday American who agreed with the whole concept, not just the far-right winning group.”

It is rather unclear what Biden can do to change these dynamics.

Political Scientist and Democratic Pollster Rachel Bitecofer is not pretending that the man Jen Psaki called the “former man” is no longer important, but rather Biden to take on Trump more aggressively. Prompted to. .. He is commemorating the events underway and could be exacerbated. “

“I’m really hesitant to accept how toxic the right that comes after democracy here.”

However, Mr Brown said Biden had little room for maneuver, as a direct attack on Trump risks appearing to be a “political witch hunt.” This is exactly what the former president claims in the conspiracy theory.

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Joe Biden, Donald Trump Addresses US on January 6th

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