Japan vaccinated Olympic athletes before the Olympics: Report

Japan plans to vaccinate Olympic athletes before the Tokyo Olympics, domestic media reported Wednesday. The move is to put them ahead of the general public as the government faces pressure on slow deployments.

There were no immediate comments from the Olympic organizers or the Japanese Olympic Committee on the Nikkei and Yomiuri Shimbun daily reports, but the source was not disclosed.

According to the newspaper, the jab is managed by the Japanese Sports Federation, which includes about 2,500 people, including athletes and coaches.

The Japanese government had previously denied considering plans to vaccinate athletes ahead of the general public.

Earlier this month, US drug giant Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech announced a contract with the International Olympic Committee to provide vaccines to athletes and staff at the Tokyo Olympics.

They said the first dose of participating delegations would begin at the end of May without specifying which team would be involved.

Japan has only approved Pfizer Jab so far, and the government is facing pressure on the relatively slow deployment of its vaccination campaign as Tokyo and other regions fight new viral emergencies.

So far, only healthcare professionals and seniors are eligible for jabs, and no timeline has yet been set for the general public to receive jabs.

Polls have shown public dissatisfaction with the deployment, and the government has promised to speed up the program.

The tournament kicked off in just over 10 weeks and is still controversial in Japan, with the majority of people opposed to holding it this summer, according to a survey.

However, in a potential bright spot for the organizers, Kyodo News reported Wednesday that about 280 doctors applied for the position of only 200 volunteers at the convention, citing unnamed sources.

Organizers have been accused of seeking help from medical volunteers during the Games when the Japanese medical system is under pressure from a wave of the fourth virus.

Despite public opposition, the organizers pointed out safety guidelines, increased immunization of athletes, and a recent series of test events in Tokyo, claiming that the tournament could be held safely this summer. I will.

A Toyota spokesman, the top sponsor of the Olympics, gave an ambiguous answer when asked about their views on the Olympics.

“We are worried about the best way every day,” Toyota’s chief public relations officer, Jun Nagata, told reporters.

“The spirit of the Olympics and Paralympics … is based on the premise that not only athletes but also Japanese people are in a safe environment,” he said.

“Some of the Japanese frustration has been directed to athletes, probably because of drug anxiety. I really regret it as a sponsor,” he said.

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Japan vaccinated Olympic athletes before the Olympics: Report

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