Jacobs: Plans to have 5-6 Six Senses properties in India within 10 years: Neil Jacobs

New Delhi: Hospitality giant Intercontinental Hotels Group (IHG) wellness and sustainability brand Six Senses — “Sensitive” to luxury hotels opening Saturday (October 16) at the 14th-century fort in Lanternball By converting, we are expanding into the Indian market. — There is a big plan for the country. Six Senses CEO Neil Jacobs told the TOI that they are planning five to six properties over the next decade, including Delhi and Mumbai.
“Six Senses Fort Ballu Wara in Lanternball is the first of several properties in India. This property sets the standard for future properties in India very high. The 14th century fort It was repaired very sensitively, “said Jacobs.
When asked about the investment, Jacobs didn’t give a number, but said that restoring the fort to house a luxury hotel would cost much more than building a new property. “It’s enough to say that building a hotel from scratch is much cheaper. The real commitment is from an intent point of view. It’s not uncommon for (our) properties to cost $ 70,000-80,000 per room. Four Seasons Jacobs, who has a global career, including leadership roles at Hotel and Resorts and Starwood Capital Group, said:
The timing of the launch coincides with the pandemic, and as international travel restrictions continue, more people are traveling domestically than before. “In many places like the United States and Asia, the domestic travel market is booming. They are seeing more domestic travelers than ever before.”
Asked about the materialization of India’s plans, he said it was important to find the right place or property. “We are happy to take over an existing hotel with magical quality and a great location. In Mumbai it is likely to be a (new) property from scratch. In Delhi, a suitable property We are open to every opportunity, “he said.
Six Senses Fort Balwara will be open to guests from October 16th, 30 minutes in the Tiger Sanctuary. The original Balwara Fort was built by Chauhan in the 14th century. The restoration of the fort 700 years ago took more than 10 years, with the same number of temples as the two palaces built into the walled fort.
The hotel has now been converted into a 48-room one-bedroom suite designed in contemporary Rajasthan style. The resort has a Six Senses Spa and fitness center, two swimming pools, a banquet area, a lifestyle boutique, a kids club, and three restaurants with a bar and lounge.

Jacobs: Plans to have 5-6 Six Senses properties in India within 10 years: Neil Jacobs

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