It will end soon, but not in the next few years: Sunil Chhetri’s professional career

Indian football torchbearer for the past decade and Talismanic skipper Sunil Chhetri on Thursday said, “it’s about to end,” while looking back on his career, but at the same time, he said, “Where are the next few years?” I won’t go either. ” Year. “

The 37-year-old, who overtook the legendary Pele in international goals after his 79th strike against the Maldives in the South Asian Football Championship on Wednesday, clearly analyzed his approach to the final match. At the same time, I turned philosophically. His illustrious career.

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“It’s true that (his career) is about to end,” Chhetri told himself to enjoy every moment.

“Now I have a very simple mantra. Dost khade ho ja, bahut kam time bhacha hey, bahut kam game bache huwe hey, chup chaap ja aur apna bestde. Thoda time pe khatam hone wala hey (remaining time) There are few, and there are few games left, so keep quiet and do your best. It will end after a while), “he asked. Pick yourself up and down in his illustrious career.

“Stop crying, stop joy, stop over-celebrating, stop crouching, because they all end soon. I know it’s going to end soon, so now I will regain myself, go there, and do my best. “

But in the same way, he revealed that inevitable things will not happen in the next few years.

“SC11 won’t go anywhere in the next few years, so just relax,” he said.

The third most prolific international goal scorer after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, the inspirational player should stay away from the outside noise as there aren’t too many matches left in his illustrious career. Said he likes.

He made his international debut against Pakistan in 2005 under the direction of Sfwindersin in Quetta, breaking all possible records in Indian football.

He has played a record 124 games in India during his 16-year career. He has been an Indian football poster boy since the retirement of former captain Bhaiching Bhutia in 2011.

“Gaalikhatahun, ya log tarif karte hey … everything I try to forget will go there and do my best. Missing, I miss a goal and score I score a goal, but this is all I do I’ll talk when I’m done.

“I don’t want to regret this and that, I want to do it all from now on,” he said.

Asked about his overtaking the great Pele, Chhetri said: I am happy to play for my country and continue to score. That’s all I want. “

“There are few footage of a great man (Pele), but as far as I can see, he was a dynamic and powerful soccer player. At the time, football was different and the game was sometimes cruel.

“Even though he scored so many goals, it speaks to his very good achievements.”

Chhetri said his short-term goal was to help India compete in the 2023 Asian Cup in China. He has appeared in the 2011 and 2019 editions of the continent’s masterpiece events.

He admitted that his side did not live up to expectations in the first two draws of the SAFF Championship against Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, but gradually improved.

“For us in the tournament, it was a topsy-filled beginning. It was unacceptable not to score against Sri Lanka. We also missed many opportunities against Nepal. UAE in Qatar, Japan and the world. I wasn’t playing against him. “

“Defeating a tough team like the Maldives in the Maldives, and even in a hostile environment (home fan support), was the way we needed to play.

“We are the dominant side of the region and I think we are at the peak at the right time. We can go all the way to the finals,” said Chhetri.

Chhetri chose Manvir Singh, who scored India’s first goal against the Maldives, as a successor to goal scoring.

“I use Manvir when I’m done. He’s a beast, a machine, and in every training test we do, he’ll be in the top three.

“The problem is that he is playing to the right of ATK Mohun Bagan in ISL, but he is playing in 9th place on the national team. He is young and can adapt (from one position to another). Can’t, sometimes he’s away. He gains experience and learns. He’s our weapon. “

In particular, Chhetri chose Apuia, Rahim Ali, Anirudh Thapa and Liston Colaco as future goal scorers.

“This country needs better players than Sunil Chetris. We need to evolve and be better than before. In the future there will be better scorers than Sunil Chetris. That is hope and we have to put up with it. “

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It will end soon, but not in the next few years: Sunil Chhetri’s professional career

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