Israeli Booster Jab Cuts Serious Covid Even With Increasing Cases: Experts

Citing recent data, Israeli booster jab programs can help reduce severe cases of Covid, even when new infections remain near record highs, according to experts. Has been proven.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has claimed to have sought to avoid new blockages since taking office in June, with approximately 9.3 million countries regularly recording more than 10,000 new Covid cases daily. Despite this, the government has pledged this.

The school opens on September 1st and the synagogue welcomes worshipers, with some restrictions, due to Yom Kippur (the most important day of the Jewish calendar), where worship begins on Wednesday night. Is set to.

Israel has chosen a complex policy mix to remain open. This caused frustration for families who were forced to repeatedly organize Covid tests for their children to attend school or participate in other activities.

The backbone of Bennett’s strategy was to deploy a third shot of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine to everyone over the age of 12, ignoring criticism that booster jabs are unnecessary and unfair.

But this week’s 49-year prime minister argued that his approach was working.

“So many people were skeptical, but our strategy proves itself,” he told the Cabinet.

Citing recent data, top public health experts agree, booster shots have stopped a serious increase in Covid cases, despite the daily cases remaining high, and the crisis that was brewed last month. Avoided.

3rd shot

The Israeli vaccination rollout, which began last December, was one of the fastest in the world, causing infectious diseases little by little by June, when all pandemic restrictions were lifted.

But when the incident began to surge again throughout the summer, health professionals faced important questions, said Gabi Barbash, now the former director of the Weizmann Institute of Science.

Was the surge caused by the reduced effectiveness of the PfizerBioNTech vaccine five months after the second jab, or was the Delta variant’s ability to break through vaccine protection and blame?

“I didn’t know which was the more dominant factor when the fourth wave erupted,” Barbash told AFP.

However, a few weeks after the start of the third jab deployment, the number of serious cases, which surged from more than 70 in late July to 600 by mid-August, has stabilized and is now below 700. Triple jab infections also remain very low.

These factors make it clear that “weakened immunity caused the fourth wave.”

“The Pfizer vaccine is clearly less effective after five months,” he said.

“And when such weakened immunity encounters such infectious variants (such as Delta), it is a disaster.”

He acknowledged criticism, especially from the World Health Organization, and it was unreasonable to offer a third jab, and some poor countries struggled to provide even one shot.

However, Mr. Burbash argued that Israel’s small population would not emphasize global vaccine supply, stressing that if Israel did not give injections, 1,000 people could die a month. bottom.

More than 7,400 Israelis died in Covid-19.

Cyrille Cohen, a professor of life sciences at the University of Bairan and a member of the Ministry of Health’s Vaccine Commission, quoted data from more than 60 demographics to highlight the impact of booster shots.

“Without vaccination, people over the age of 60 can develop about 35 times more severe cases, and two doses without booster immunization can develop about eight times more severe cases,” he said.

Hebrew University epidemiologist Hakai Levine told AFP that he was “somewhat skeptical” about the need for a third shot, but stabilization of severe cases proved his efforts to be “successful.”

Test, jab, test

Israelis have expressed dissatisfaction with the Covid test booking agenda, especially during the high season of the holiday season, when families usually meet.

The backlog is also caused by a large number of children who are exposed to the virus and need a negative test to re-enter school.

At a drive-through test center in Jerusalem, three Julia Oltenberg mothers told AFP that a few days after school began, her daughter’s classmates tested positive for Covid and sent her class to quarantine.

According to Ministry of Health statistics, 10 days after the school year, 44,000 students were infected with Covid and another 119,000 were isolated.

Ortenberg said he was reluctant to vaccinate his 13-year-old son, but without the jab, he would either follow Zoom’s class or get a Covid negative test every two days and attend directly. I needed to. This was “not an option”. ..

Her rush to Yom Kippur is daring to book a test for her daughter to be released from isolation, take her son to a second jab, and then take her daughter to a second test. It was accompanied by an attempt.

Cohen admitted frustration, but Israel still said, “We are trying to find the right balance to live with Covid-19.”

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Israeli Booster Jab Cuts Serious Covid Even With Increasing Cases: Experts

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