Is Zeeshan Khan dating Reyhna Pandit, co-star of Kumkum Bhagya?

Bigg Boss OTT contestant Zeeshan Khan is currently a hot topic due to his performance in the house. Before entering the house, TV stars are known for assessing Aryan Khaanna’s role on the popular TV show Kumcum Bhagya. At Big Boss’s house, I’ve seen many talks about her girlfriend, but never mentioned her name. In a recent report, Spotboy E revealed that Zeeshan has something to do with his Kumkum Bhagya co-star, Reyhna Pandit. He plays AliA in the daily soap opera. She is Jishan’s on-screen mother.

A source near the couple told the portal that Sishan and Reina had met each other for quite some time. It turns out that the two do not recognize their relationship, but their close friends know it very well. As Zeeshan is trapped in his house, his position on rumors awaits. However, Reina denied the news and said the two weren’t dating.

Before joining the controversial reality show, Jishan wore a bathrobe to the airport and made headlines for his heroic attempt for a trip from Goa to Mumbai. At the time, in an interview with Spotboy E, he was discussing the idea of ​​wearing a bathrobe at the airport and the impact he and his mother faced. Zeeshan said he was a crazy individual who wanted to have a lot of fun. “I don’t obey blindly, I question the norms,” ​​he said.

In the first week, he left the audience and his fellow housemates were shocked when they broke off with Wolfy Javed and chose Diviya Agruwar. Following this, Urvi was nominated and had the fewest votes, making her the first player to be eliminated. Due to her departure, Wolfy accused Jishan of approaching her.

Currently, Zeeshan and Divya are Boss Man and Boss Lady because the duo won the BB Factory task.

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Is Zeeshan Khan dating Reyhna Pandit, co-star of Kumkum Bhagya?

Source link Is Zeeshan Khan dating Reyhna Pandit, co-star of Kumkum Bhagya?

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