Is the power plant the cause of an imminent coal shortage?

According to an exclusive study by India Today, Coal India Limited (CIL) sent a letter to the power plant on March 18, 2021 asking them to anticipate a power surge and stockpile coal. However, sources said the power plant continued to fail to follow the advice.

In anticipation of positive trends in power generation, the CIL is demanding that power plants increase their inventory to prevent future crises due to coal shortages, with nearly 16% of coal containing CIL 2021. It remained unused in March of the year.

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Letter in possession India Today Coal India suggests that power plants wanted more coal offtakes due to increased demand for electricity. Sources added that domestic power plants continue to pay no attention to advice.
“Even in this peak electricity demand situation, power plants have not submitted appropriate programs from ECL, BCCL and CCL, hindering electricity supply and overall supply performance,” said March 18, 2021. The attached letter states.

In addition, Coal India wrote to the power plant from October 2020, advising that surplus coal was available and demanding that its reserves be replenished, sources said.

Sources attribute the current surge in electricity and coal demand to four reasons: the Covid-19 surge in the event of a disruption in transportation, and the monsoon inventory delay. Due to the high import rate of coal, there was an additional power plant in Coal India, and the demand for electricity surged.

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Is the power plant the cause of an imminent coal shortage?

Source link Is the power plant the cause of an imminent coal shortage?

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