Is Krafton planning a renewal in India through the new game “Undawn”?

PUBG maker Krafton has been working hard to re-enter India in recent months. But so far, PUBG has not been restarted in India. Meanwhile, a new game named Undawn was prepared. It is speculated that this new game will be available in India via Singapore.

How is PUBG connected to Undawn

According to a Sportskeeda report, the Chinese company Tencent has invested in both PUBG and Undawn. For the first time PUBG was banned in India, Tencent registered a company named Garena in Singapore. The new game Undawn will be launched in Singapore itself. This means that teams preparing PUBG can easily enter India through this new game.

New state games coming soon

PUBG announced a new game “New State” earlier this year. Gamers can pre-register for this new PUBG game. The game hasn’t been released yet, but will soon be released on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

PUBG renewal in India

It is worth noting that Krafton is making every effort to restart the PUBG game in India. The company has registered a local company to return to India. Apart from this, official YouTube and Facebook pages are also available for PUBG users. However, so far, no official comment has been received from the central government regarding the return of PUBG.

Expectations of PUBG enthusiasts in India soared after reports of PUBG Corporation recently partnering with Microsoft Azure to host a game session surfaced. Experts argue that this helps PUBG Corporation address the Indian government’s data privacy concerns.

Meanwhile, two Indian PUBG Mobile teams – TSMEntity and GalaxyRacers, were invited to showcase their skills in PUBG Mobile Pro League (PMPL) Arabia Season 1.

Is Krafton planning a renewal in India through the new game “Undawn”?

Source link Is Krafton planning a renewal in India through the new game “Undawn”?

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