Is it possible to send a waiver certificate from abroad?

My sister is OCI (Overseas Citizen of India). Our father recently died. He was a resident of India. My sister wants to waive her right to our father’s property in my favor. Accommodation is located in India. Does my sister need to visit India to create a waiver certificate or can she do it from abroad?


A waiver certificate (also known as a liberation certificate) is performed in your favor because your sister wants to waive her rights and interests in your father’s property in your favor. Must be. This waiver certificate requires proper stamping and registration. The simplest situation is for your sister to visit India, physically sign a waiver certificate and complete the procedure at your local registration office, but you can consider alternatives. A representative who trusts to be able to carry out such abandonment deeds in your favor, such as from a local embassy abroad, to another family visiting India, and to complete the process on your behalf. You can enforce the power of attorney system to appoint a person. Please note that such a waiver certificate must be stamped and registered in India in order to enable the transfer of the sister’s shares in your favor.

Your sister is advised to contact the local embassy to see the process of carrying out the power of such a lawyer.

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Is it possible to send a waiver certificate from abroad?

Source link Is it possible to send a waiver certificate from abroad?

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