Interesting facts about his 65th anniversary BR Ambedkar

Mahaparinirvan Diwas 2021: Dr. Bimura Oramji Ambedkar, commonly known as Baba Sahebu Ambedkar, died on December 6, 1956. Born in Moe, Madhya Pradesh, Ambedkar was the 14th and last child of his parents. He was primarily an economics scholar and educator. Baba Saheb is also the flag bearer of India’s Dalit activities and is known as the Chief Architect of the Indian Constitution.

BR Ambedkar chaired the independent Indian Constitutional Drafting Committee on August 29, 1947. After independence, he also served as Minister of Justice of India. He also launched bi-weekly and weekly papers named “Excluded India,” “Mook Nayak,” and “Janta” to voice opposition to Dalit atrocities. His first wife was only nine years old at the time of their marriage.

Let’s take a look at 10 lesser-known facts about Dr. BR Amberd Carr’s 65th Anniversary.

1. He has a master’s degree in 64 subjects, knows 9 languages ​​and has been studying around the world for 21 years. He was also the first Indian to get a PhD.

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2. Ambedkar, known as a Buddhist, was born into a Hindu family belonging to the Maharashtra Mahalcaste, which was considered the lower caste at the time, and was called the “untouchable”. He converted to Buddhism in 1956.

3. Waiting for a Visa, the 20-page autobiographical chief architect of the Constitution of India, is used as a textbook at Columbia University.

Deekshabhoomi in Nagpur, where Dr. BR Ambedkar and his followers accepted Buddhism. (Image: Shutterstock)

4. To date, he is the only Indian whose statue was erected with Karl Marx at the Museum of London.

5. Babasaheb’s private library, Rajgirh, was the largest library in the world with over 50,000 books.

6. All Buddha statues and Buddha statues around the world have their eyes closed, and Ambedkar was the first person to open his eyes and paint his paintings.

Mahaparinirvan Din 2021: Hundreds of followers of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar visit Chaitya Bhoomi in Dadar, Mumbai on his anniversary.

7. He was the first lawyer to belong to the underdeveloped caste.

8. His original name was Ambedkar, but it was changed to Ambedkar by a school teacher.

9. Ambedkar was awarded the highest civilian award in India, Bharat Ratna, after his death.

10. He was the only Satyagraha in the world to do Satyagraha for drinking water.

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Interesting facts about his 65th anniversary BR Ambedkar

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