Instagram tests new “Collab” feature in India

Facebook-owned Instagram said Wednesday that it is testing a new “Collab” feature that allows users to collaborate with others on feed posts and reels. “India is one of the first two countries to be tested,” the photo-sharing platform said in a blog post. Another market where this feature has been tested is the United Kingdom.

About “Collab” function

Collab allows you to invite collaborators to feed posts and reels so they can share your content with their followers.

Once approved, you’ll be shown as the author, your content will be shared with your profile grid and followers in your feed, and your shared feedback will be visible to both.

How does “Collab” work?

The company also explained how it works.

Upload your feed post or create a reel as you normally would. When you reach the end of the sharing screen, you’ll see the “Tag users” option.

[タグを付ける]Click to[共同編集者を招待]You will be able to invite collaborators by clicking.

You can now search for your account and add it as a collaborator. Please note that your account must accept your invitation.

Only public accounts receiving the test experience can be invited to Collab / co-authors.

When your account accepts a collaboration invitation, it will be added to the tag screen and recorded in the post header.

Lille, Live Room-Instagram Features First Launched in India

Facebook-owned companies are now increasingly launching many of their first features in India. Last year, we launched a new format, Reel, that allows users to create and share short videos. India is one of the first countries to be launched. The company launched another tab for “Reel” and was the first country India to introduce this feature.

India was also one of the first two countries Instagram launched a live room. This is a feature that allows four people to perform live together.

Instagram tests new “Collab” feature in India

Source link Instagram tests new “Collab” feature in India

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