Indonesian victory boasting badminton contaminated with doping sanctions

Indonesia’s victory at the Thomas Cup in badminton was unfairly contaminated by sanctions imposed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), the sports minister of the badminton country said Monday.

Shuttle from Southeast Asian countries won a record 14th title on Sunday, beating China 3-0 and winning their first victory in the prestigious biennial men’s team tournament in almost 20 years.

However, the sanctions imposed by WADA this month meant that the winners were banned from raising Indonesia’s red and white flags because they received medals in Denmark.

Indonesia’s sports minister, Zainuddin Amari, said at a press conference, “I should have enjoyed winning the Thomas Cup 20 years later, but I couldn’t raise the red and white flags, so that happiness diminished. “

The minister apologized to all Indonesians and said he was working to resolve the issue with anti-doping agencies.

Indonesia, Thailand and North Korea have been declared non-compliant by WADA and are no longer eligible to host regional, continental or world championships during the suspension.

Sanctions that apply for one year mean that athletes from these countries can continue to compete, but are prohibited from raising the national flag outside the Olympics.

The Indonesian Ministry of Sport has previously counterattacked WADA and told local media that sanctions should not have been applied at the Thomas Cup while the issue was still being revealed.

According to the ministry, it was not possible to collect all the samples needed during a coronavirus pandemic.

President Joko Widodo congratulated the badminton team on Monday and posted a video footage of the match point between Indonesia’s Jonatan Christie and China’s Lee Shifeng on his Instagram page.

“The tension of witnessing the 2020 Thomas Cup final tonight was immediately overwhelming when Jonatan Christie jumped, raised his fist into the air and shouted with delight at the end of the third match. Indonesia is the champion! “He wrote.

China enjoyed good luck at the Uber Cup Women’s Team Tournament, which was also held in Aarhus, defeating Japan in the final and winning the 10th title in the last 12 editions.

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Indonesian victory boasting badminton contaminated with doping sanctions

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