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The healthcare sector has recently played an important role, supporting the entire country in the fight against COVID-19. While patient care and medical assistance arrangements were the main focus, managing vast amounts of data and records has emerged as yet another daunting task.

Most of the time, when you think about technology and healthcare, you’re limited to high-tech machines, advanced medical devices, and more. Still, technology helps hospitals, large and small, become paperless and manage their entire database efficiently. Over the years, many companies have developed systems that help them become paperless and work more effectively on online platforms. Here are some of the leading companies that can also enable hospitals to go paperless instantly:

MSB document: MSB Docs is one of India’s most prominent document digitization and digital signature providers. From healthcare to education to retail, many companies across the country are associated with MSB Docs to adopt a paperless working model in an error-free manner. In addition to services for paperless documents, MSB Docs also offers the placement of hybrid signatures as computerized electronic signatures. The company also complies with region-specific policies such as IT Act 2000 (India), ESIGN Act (US), eIDAS (EU), FIPS 140-2, SOC2 and SOC3. The company also guarantees the highest security standards, ISO 27001, EU-US Privacy Shield, SSAE16.

Google drive: All organizations, regardless of hospital size, have the opportunity to go paperless. Google’s Drive feature is a great and comprehensive set of documents available for free to manage and share your work. Features such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings and Jumboards allow individuals or businesses to create the perfect business-related documents, invoices, data files and more. Companies of all sizes can take advantage of these services to manage their work. Just create a Gmail ID and use that service. However, if your business is security sensitive, we recommend that you consider the other options listed below.

DocuSign: DocuSign is another great option for taking advantage of comprehensive document digitization and online signature management. These products are easy to use and are integrated into existing business models. The company focuses on security, leveraging robust cryptographic innovations and industry best practices. The company offers business services in three packages: individuals, large corporations, and MSMEs.

Adobe Document Cloud: Adobe Document Cloud allows businesses to switch from traditional ways of working to the latest technology-savvy methods. The platform allows businesses to create PDFs and share them with anyone for a smooth signing experience. This allows companies to shorten work processes and significantly reduce costs. This service from Adobe is already in different companies in different industries in India and abroad. The platform is accessible via web and mobile applications, making it easy for anyone to access and work effectively.

Beenum Yadav is a professor at Swami Vivekernando Subaruti University Journalism & Mass Communication College.

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India’s platform for paperless hospitals, Health News, ET HealthWorld

Source link India’s platform for paperless hospitals, Health News, ET HealthWorld

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