Indian hospitals now need their own permanent oxygen plant, Health News, ET Health World

New Delhi: As the Covid-19 pandemic moves from the city center to the hinterland and destroys the overloaded medical system, medical groups tell the government that oxygen cylinders and concentrators can’t keep up with the surge in all hospital facilities. Requested to install an oxygen plant. Demand for life-saving gas.

In fact, oxygen concentrators / cylinders cannot reach every corner of the country, and hospitals with their own oxygen-producing infrastructure can only supply oxygen to critical patients in this dire situation. ..

To save lives, an oxygen generator donated by the French government was installed at the Naraya Super Specialty Hospital in East Delhi in a record 18 hours, with the hospital weighing 40 to 60 liters each in 24 hours 48. Helps fill the cylinder of the book.

According to Dr. V Ramana Prasad, a senior pulmonologist at KIMS Hospital Hyderabad, setting up an oxygen plant is a time-consuming process: “The government is deficient in oxygen for poor patients in small cities and towns with pandemics. Must be ensured that it is implemented to avoid a surge. “

With the daily increase in Covid-19 cases, the demand for oxygen in India has skyrocketed “7 times”. According to the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, demand for life-saving gas expanded from 12 states on April 15 to 22 states on April 24.

In nine days, the demand for medical oxygen increased by 67%.

So far, India has only 1,224 tankers with a capacity of 16,732 MT to carry medical oxygen, and the central government is producing even colder tankers, according to reports.

The problem is that liquid medical oxygen is flammable and most often cannot fly and has to travel via road, rail, or sea, so it takes time to reach the hospital. ..

An on-site oxygen plant can deliver life-saving gas to patients quickly.

Delhi’s Prime Minister Albind Keziwar announced Thursday that he would install 48 oxygen plants throughout the capital, including 21 imported from France.

“Medical collage hospitals and large corporate hospitals can have permanent hospitals, but not in small hospitals or elderly housings,” said Dr. Sumant Mantri, a pulmonologist at Apollo Hospital in Bangalore.

Dr Pratibha Dogra, senior pulmonologist at W Pratiksha Hospital Gurgaon, said hospitals in the country urgently need their own oxygen plant.

“Given that we are still on the up curve of the second wave, we must act urgently to increase oxygen production to meet the expected oxygen requirements of covid patients,” Dogra said. I told IANS.

Indian hospitals now need their own permanent oxygen plant, Health News, ET Health World

Source link Indian hospitals now need their own permanent oxygen plant, Health News, ET Health World

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