Indian bowler Md after Pakistani humiliation. Shami was “terribly abused” online

New Delhi: The rage of social media abuse was aimed at Mohammed Shami, the only Muslim player in India, after being attacked by rival Pakistan at the T20 World Cup in Cricket.

Violence against Islam in India was reported on Sunday after Pakistan defeated India for the first time in the World Cup with 10 wickets.

Cricket clashes between India, the majority of Hindus, and Pakistan, Muslims, frequently increase tensions between neighbors who have fought three wars since independence in 1947.

Despite Indian captain Virat Kohli admitting that his side was “exaggerated,” 31-year-old Shami became a major target after his defeat in Dubai.

Shami’s Instagram account had hundreds of messages that he was a “traitor” and should be kicked out of the Indian team.

However, many fans and politicians also sought his support and urged Indian players to reject the message of hatred, just as they knelt to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Omar Abdullah, a former Prime Minister of the Islamic-dominated region of Kashmir, said, “BLM’s kneeling Team India can do anything if you can’t stand up to your teammates who are badly abused and deceived on social media. I can’t stand. ” On Twitter.

“Ignore those who dislike it. Most of India is grateful for your efforts,” said another Instagram supporter.

After the famous victory, people launched a festive gun battle in the Pakistani city of Islamabad and Karachi, with hundreds of firecrackers ignited in Kashmir, India, where the Islamic majority is.

Former Indian test cricket player Gortam Gambir, a member of the ruling Hindu nationalist Baratya Janata, said it was “shameful” for people to celebrate Pakistan’s victory.

In Punjab, Kashmir students said they had been beaten.

Students at the Institute of Engineering said dozens of men armed with hockey sticks and batons attacked them while watching the end of the game.

“They went into our room, turned off the lights and hit us. They destroyed our laptop,” the student told AFP, on condition of anonymity for fear of further trouble. Did.

“We are now safe and with the support of our university, but we didn’t expect this at all. We are Indian.”

The match also caused violence in neighboring Bangladesh. Two Pakistani supporters were beaten by Indian fans when they celebrated their victory in one of the southern districts, according to media reports.

Indian bowler Md after Pakistani humiliation. Shami was “terribly abused” online

Source link Indian bowler Md after Pakistani humiliation. Shami was “terribly abused” online

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