India working with the country to promote travel for students and international professionals: Minister of Foreign Affairs

India seems to be actively involved with other countries as the world seems to agree to live with COVID-19, encouraging students and professionals to travel to overseas educational institutions and businesses. Foreign Minister Hirschwaldan Schlingla said Thursday.

While pandemics are intensifying around the world and affecting every aspect of life, Schlingla said in a statement at the Karinga Institute of Industrial Technology (KIIT) in Bhubaneswar that diplomatic efforts were made by the government. He talked about how he contributed to the overall effort in coping. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection.

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He said a special flight was made to evacuate the Indian people stuck in Wuhan in the early part of January last year when there was a blockade in China.


Later, when many countries imposed blockages and international commercial travel stalled, many Indian citizens around the world were stranded, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, along with other ministries, undertook the largest and most complex Vandevarat mission. rice field. According to Schlingla, the government has done so far to return the Indian people.

Schlingla said the official launch of the Japanese language program and internships for KIIT students have returned a total of more than 250,000 people so far.

“In addition, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and overseas embassies will work with other ministries in the country to ensure the proper supply of PPE kits, test kits, etc. in India until domestic production capacity is increased. I did, “he said. Said.

“India lives on the reputation of being a world paramasity”

Another aspect, Schlingla said, is the supply of medicines to combat COVID-19, such as hydroxychloroquine, to more than 150 countries in line with India’s reputation as a global pharmacy. ..

Earlier this year, under the “Vaccine Mitri” program, India shared vaccines with the United Nations peacekeepers with 95 other countries, he said.

A quick response team from India “visited many countries in our region to support their expertise and ability to deal with the Covid crisis,” he noted.

“These actions have produced enormous goodwill. The Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) called this” human-centered globalization. ” This goodwill was proved when the world stood, as Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated at the recent Global COVID-19 Summit. I was experiencing the second wave of COVID-19 earlier this year, so with India. “

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“The overwhelming solidarity we received from our partner countries was the result of our efforts to help others when they were in trouble,” he said. It has been distributed to many states.

He argued that vaccination against COVID-19 would continue to be the main focus of governments around the world.

“In this context, India also plays a role. As you know, India is a global vaccine manufacturing hub. We have set a groundbreaking goal of delivering one billion vaccines to our citizens. We are trying to achieve it, “says Shringla.

“Recently, there have been reports of the Prime Minister visiting the United States and the United Nations, including a quad leader summit. Quad is India, Japan, Australia, and the United States. At the Quad Leaders Summit, Quad is India. A decision was made to supply a billion vaccines to the Pacific region. “

According to Schlingla, the United States and Japan will fund the supply of Indian vaccines to these countries, and Australia will provide logistical support for the last mile.

“You can see how these four countries have pooled together and emerged as a force for the benefit of the world,” he added.

Schlingla pointed out that the world seems to agree to live with Covid-19, “with other countries to facilitate the travel of students and professionals to overseas educational institutions and businesses. I am actively involved. “

“We have introduced a mutual recognition system for vaccination certificates so that vaccinated people do not face travel restrictions. By the way, overseas travel requires a passport. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been a citizen in the last few years. It’s a series of reforms to facilitate the process of getting a passport, and getting a passport is now much easier and faster. “

“Mutual development beneficial to South Asia”

Mr. Schlingla argues that India is a prominent world economy and confirms that with growth and development, neighboring countries in South Asia are involved in its growth and that its development is linked to India’s own growth. For example, he said it would be beneficial to India.

“When we grow, we must bring them together so that they grow and their achievements are shared with each other,” he insisted.

Therefore, under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi, he said the government plans to put special emphasis on the comprehensive development of relationships with our neighbors.

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He said Japan has played an important role in the modernization of India’s economy.

“Currently, Japan is the fifth largest investor in India. The number of Japanese companies in India is steadily increasing and today there are more than 1450 companies in India,” he said.

Shribgra emphasized that Japan is also one of India’s most important development partners, saying its lending extends to sectors ranging from health care to sustainable development.

Ambassador to Japan Satoshi Suzuki was also present.

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India working with the country to promote travel for students and international professionals: Minister of Foreign Affairs

Source link India working with the country to promote travel for students and international professionals: Minister of Foreign Affairs

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