India vs New Zealand: Rahul Dravid welcomes young people by giving India a headache of good choice

India coach Rahul Dravid is pleased that there is a lot of competition over the location of the test team, which continues to be the cause and hopes that players will “headache” their team management choices. Told. India beat New Zealand in the 1-0 series with a 372 run at Wankede Stadium on Monday in the second test.

This is the 14th consecutive home championship in India. Debut Shreyas Iyer recorded a century and a half in the first test, but Mayank Agarwal struggled to stay on top with the advent of Shubman Gil and the reappearance of KL Rahul, 150 in the first inning of the second test. , Half a century in the second test.

“It’s great to see the boys step up and seize the opportunity. Yes, there weren’t a few senior players. Thanks to the guys who came in, Jayant had a hard time yesterday. But today I learned from it. Mayank, Shreyas, Syrage, Axor who doesn’t have much opportunity, it’s great to see growth in the bat in addition to what you can do with the ball. It gives us many choices and I Help us to be stronger. ” Dravid after the match.

“It’s a good situation. I was injured in the lead-up and I need to manage the players physically and mentally. That will be a big part of my challenge. It will also be a challenge for selectors and leadership. Group. It’s good [selection] Watch a young boy with a headache go well.

“We have a strong desire to do our best and we are all pushing each other. We hope we have more headaches. We hope we will have more headaches later. Sometimes we make difficult decisions. It can be urgent, but that’s exactly what it is. As long as you have clear communication and explain to the player why, don’t expect it to be a problem, “he said.

Dravid said the results of the second test may seem one-sided, but this is India’s highest winning margin in terms of scoring. India was tested throughout the series and it was nice to see the players fight back every time they went down.

“I’m glad I finished the series as a winner. I had to work really hard here because I couldn’t get close to Kanpur and get the last wicket. The result seems to be one-sided. But throughout the series we were created. Thanks to the team, there was a stage where we had to fight back late, “he said.

New Zealand went all out at 62. This is the lowest total of any team that has played against India in test cricket, but India did not force subsequent matches. Dravid said the team had never considered conducting a follow-up.

“I knew I had a lot of time, I didn’t really think about what to do next, and there were a lot of young batters on the side, so I wanted to give them the opportunity to hit the bat in this situation. There was red soil. We knew that hitting a wicket with a turn and bounce here could lead to a situation where we had to keep pace with the turning ball on the fourth day of the fifth day. It was nice to see the boy being tested on.

“Yesterday, Tim Sauchy and Kyle Jamison caused problems with short-pitch bowling, so it’s a great opportunity to get them to practice a little more in the middle in situations that even we in India can’t often find. I’m involved in training players who are glad they helped me. I knew it would take time to get players out, but to be honest, I still have more time left. “

India vs New Zealand: Rahul Dravid welcomes young people by giving India a headache of good choice

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