India vs England: Chepauk, two of the “most difficult pitches I’ve ever had”, visitor Ben Foakes says

Ahmedabad: The Chepoke Square Turner for the second test and the Ahmedabad Dust Bowl provided for the “Pink Ball” game are the most difficult surfaces Ben Forks has maintained in his early international career.

India put England on the mat on several tracks to help home spinners as Ravichandran Ashwin and Axor Patel rioted and gave India a 2-1 lead in a four-game series. ..

“The last two games are the toughest pitch I’ve ever played. The pink ball was slipping in the last game. I’ve never seen such a wicket. It was a good challenge to keep going. “According to the rotation policy of Forks England, which succeeded Jos Buttler, he said during the virtual media conference.

With his own approval, Forks has never seen a cricket ball spin so much.

“I’ve never seen the ball spin that way on the two pitches I played. It’s certainly very challenging. It’s like having a pitch on the first to fifth days of the ball.”

But for one of the best Globemans in the world, the last two games were a learning experience and really fun.

“It’s fun to keep when the ball spins. In Sri Lanka it was easy because I knew it was consistent and the ball would spin. What I found while testing the pink ball was Can you spin into a square over the batter, skid. “

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He admitted that no keeper can catch all the catches on this kind of track.

“You can’t catch every ball on this kind of pitch.”

Forks knows that in the next test series, Butler may not have the wicket set to come back, but that doesn’t bother him so much.

“The way I approached is to play three games in England and play as much as I can. Look ahead and enjoy the moment I guess,” he said.

As far as the previous tests are concerned, Foakes feels the team needs to reconcile with the fact that wickets work in a particular way, but they still need to give the best shots.

“Understand that we get out in a particular way and make peace. We need to smash it and put a run on the board. Firmly, understand different game plans for all of us. Please, go out and try to do it your own way. “

He also finds that positive thinking and clarity in game planning only helps, as test time can also affect judgment.

“When I’m having a hard time, things go wrong, I stick to the game plan and process, and in some cases I can be a little positive, so my judgment isn’t overshadowed, so I try to maintain a clear positive mindset. I will.

“We’re trying to come up with a game plan that could work on that surface and doesn’t have the experience of the boys in the previous game,” Forks said.

He can prevent England from drawing the series and India from making the World Test Championship final.

“We are completely defeated by India and if we can get into a 2-2 draw, that would be a great result.”

India vs England: Chepauk, two of the “most difficult pitches I’ve ever had”, visitor Ben Foakes says

Source link India vs England: Chepauk, two of the “most difficult pitches I’ve ever had”, visitor Ben Foakes says

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